Dear President Disaster,

You and your boss, President Obama, (in addition to Hillary Clinton, of course), are the biggest liars, frauds and cheaters in American politics. 


And that says a lot. 

There were many corrupt tyrannical dictators before you but you really take the cake. You are beyond the pale. Loathsome. Abominable. Repugnant. An overall sleaze ball.

You’re recent speech on what you call “voter suppression” was abhorrent.

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In order to be in power, you lie CONSTANTLY and divide our country along racist and classist lines (among other things).

You will read anything put in front of you by Obama and your leftist puppet masters.

You actually went on national television the other day and accused anyone who wants integrity in elections as being racist.

The truth is that you are the biggest cheats in American history and you will do and say anything to continue to cheat.

Your Russia hoax lie and the cheating that was done during the 2020 presidential election opened our eyes to how corrupt you really are.

You are an enemy to the Constitution and our country.

Your “Big Lie” speech the other day was just that – ONE BIG LIE.

And you even had the nerve to make the speech at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Anyone with Google and a brain can find out in about 30 seconds that your party committed fraud during the 2020 presidential election. You did that by making changes to voting rules without state legislative approval.

So what did Obama decide that your strategy is so that Democrats can continue to cheat in elections? 

You are attempting to federalize our elections with the legislation HR1 – “For the People Act.”

That will allow you to cheat and hold your power indefinitely. 

To get this bill passed, you go on TV to lie to everyone that election integrity is racist. YOU have no integrity at all. That’s for sure.

You talk about the right to vote freely and fairly but you don’t want anything of the sort. 

When you say that we have the right to have our vote counted, you are talking to the felons, the illegal aliens and dead people – not to mention the right for Democrats to vote multiple times. 

Your “For the People Act” is really a “For the Democrats Act” and you will disgustingly call Americans racist to push it forward.

You are a sleaze ball and that’s about the nicest name I can come up with to describe you right now.