Let’s be honest. The reason we’re having another COVID-19 outbreak is because of all of the illegal aliens. 

Since January, more than a million illegal aliens have invaded our country and the Biden Harris Obama could care less if they are infected.

The democrats are IMPORTING COVID-19 into the country and in this case, it’s the Delta variant.

The feds gather up the illegals and ship them across the country on planes, trains and automobiles. Cities all over the country are sounding the alarm on the problem with the COVID-19 outbreak with illegal aliens. Texas especially.

The South Texas Police Department recently issued a public health announcement after sick illegals were seen at a burger joint coughing and sneezing all over the place and told an officer they had tested positive for COVID-19.

A whistleblower (leftists LOVE whistleblowers, right?!) recently explained the severity of a massive COVID-19 outbreak at Fort Bliss Army base in Texas that the government has been covering up.

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Things are getting so bad in Texas that Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order restricting the NGOs who are carting the illegals all over the state to stop doing so.

Three out of ten illegal aliens in custody are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine but American citizens are being bullied into taking the vaccine – or else. 

Schools, businesses, sports groups, hospitals…they’re all getting on the vaccine train, telling people they aren’t allowed to keep their jobs or participate in events unless they get a vaccine that hasn’t even been approved by the FDA yet.

Now, the head dictator of America, Joe Biden, has decided that all federal workers need to attest that they got the vaccine or get the vaccine – or be subject to masks, social distancing and testing once or twice a week and won’t be allowed to travel for work.

On one hand, I’m thinking that, hey, if this gets rid of a bunch of federal workers, then go for it. I’m all for small government. 

On the other hand, since the ones not getting the vaccine are predominately blacks, hispanics, asians and other minorities, then I see this directive as totally racist.

Biden’s even directing his staff to apply the same rules to all federal contractors. If you want to do business with the federal government, YOU WILL COMPLY, DANG IT!

So these new rules to get the vaccine is how the government and other entities are putting a Scarlet letter on you. 

The letter U. 


That way, those around you know who to bully and harass.

Meanwhile, the illegals are free to roam the country spreading the pandemic everywhere they go.