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Despots in Biden Administration Coming After our Local Zoning Laws

No amount of power can satisfy the Democrat party. They want total control over everything. 

They have been proven to be absolute liars when they put their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution. I doubt many of them have read either publication.

Democrats have been evil for a long time from their days of starting the KKK and prolonging slavery to their present day corruption and tyrannical shenanigans. 

Money and power is all they think about and they will do whatever they have to do in order to acquire and sustain that power.

If you thought your city or county would be safe from their tyranny, you would be wrong in many ways. 

They’re trying to federalize elections and your police department. 

And they’re coming after your local zoning laws. 

They’ve always wanted to get rid of the suburbs. That’s where the real Americans live – the ones who love America, work hard and are patriotic. The backbone of America.

Suburbs can’t be allowed in the new America of the Biden Harris Obama administration.

According to Breitbart [1], the Democrat’s BS infrastructure bill provides provisions to federalize local zoning laws in order to displace single-family homes in the suburbs.

The HOMES Act would put the federal government in charge of our local zoning laws so that the leftists can change the demographics in order to change purple voting districts to blue.

The Democrats are using their usual asinine talking points to move these plans forward – they claim multifamily zoning will combat climate change, racial injustice and the affordable housing crisis in the country.

They are a broken record. And always full of crap.

What would happen if the locals don’t comply with the rules of the feds? 

The feds will hold back funding, of course.

I say – who cares and good riddance to their bribes and threats. 

If my city or county has a ban on apartment buildings in certain areas of town or other rules, that’s up to my local government and not the Democrat leftists in and around the White House.