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Dear Kamala: Kinkos Left the Planet in 2008 and OfficeMax Was Bought by Office Depot

VP Kamala Harris was on BET on Friday looking like an idiot again.

In an elitist statement [1]about rural voters, Harris said that they are not smart enough to find a Kinkos or OfficeMax to make copies of their driver’s license so they can vote by mail. Therefore, no one should have to supply any ID for voting.

First of all, it doesn’t take a degree in Engineering to find a copy shop and second of all, Kinkos has been gone for quite a while. OfficeMax too.

In 2004, Kinkos was bought by FedEx [2] and merged into FedEx Kinkos for a few years. Then in 2008, they re-branded the company to be FedEx Office. 99% of the population knows about this.

And Office Depot bought OfficeMax [3] eight year ago. Although the OfficeMax name is under the Office Depot name in the logo, the merged company is really operating as Office Depot. The website is Office Depot. If you type in officemax.com [4], you get officedepot.com [5].

So WHO is the moron, Kamala? 

Not us.

It would be YOU.

You obviously don’t live in the real world like the rest of us but that has been painfully obvious for a while.

Kamala’s comments were made as a defense to voter ID laws. And not a very good one at that. I think people are smart enough to find a way to photocopy their ID.

It is easy to see that Democrats have no REAL argument against voter ID. 

They can’t admit their real issues with it – the fact that they want illegal aliens to be able to vote and they also want multiple voting from their Democrat friends.

But Democrats are governing against the will of the people – as usual. 81% of American adults support voter ID laws [6].

To prove her point that voter ID is just too too hard, Kamala argued that the photo copying rule would make it “almost impossible” for people to prove who they are.

Seriously, Kamala. What planet do you live on?

However, I guess you could say that Harris is “technically” right when she said there’s no Kinkos or OfficeMax near anyone.

That’s true, Kamala. Because they don’t exist anymore.

Congrats on finally coming up with a truthful statement.