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Blacks Rally for Police While White Antifa Terrorists Protest

Proving once again that Antifa doesn’t believe that black lives matter, they continue to engage in a war against the police. 

The Defund the Police mantra is constantly coming out of the mouths of elitist Democrats and politicians who have their own security and aren’t threatened by crime like low income people of color are. So why would they care if police disappear? 

They don’t. And neither does their friendly Antifa army which helps with their marketing.

Polls show over and over again that minorities in low-income communities want police – in fact they want MORE police to protect them. But leftists don’t care. 

The current goal of the Democrat party is to stoke racism to get votes. That will never change until people wake up to the evilness that exists in the party.

A few weeks ago in Oakland [1], the leftist all-Democrat City Council voted to defund their police. This decision results in getting rid of 50 officers and it strips more than $17.4 million from police funding. That’s a LOT of money taken away from the police. 

The money is going to other asinine programs [2] in their Department of Violence Prevention so that they can improve public safety. 

Yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen. 

Taking to the streets were residents who aren’t happy with those cuts to the police, including mostly black families who support the police.

While about 200 people, mostly black families, were rallying to support their police in an event called “Stand Up for a Safe Oakland“, the mostly-white racist Antifa thugs were demonstrating AGAINST the police.

Black mothers spoke about their murdered children while the disgusting Antifa terrorists stood behind them, jeering them.

Journalist Lee Fang of The Intercept explained how the black police-supporting rally-goers called Antifa closed minded and ‘disconnected” from the actual violence in the city. 

That’s a pretty good description of the terrorists that inhabit the Antifa movement.