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Why are the Democrats at War with American Safety?

Public officials all over the United States swear an oath when they go into office. They swear to defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The military does the same thing. And the Supreme Court. And Congress. And Cabinet members and other federal employees. So do new citizens of the country.

I have swore an oath as a Precinct Delegate as well.

The public’s version of this is the Pledge of Allegiance where Americans pledge our support to the country.

You would think that the first priority of anyone serving and supporting the country would be to keep them safe.

And as promised, that means from domestic threats as well as China, Iran and North Korea.

But Democrats all over the country are totally not into that.

In fact, the Democrats ARE the domestic threat to our country.

They are actively working to get rid of the police and let criminals out of jail as fast as they can. This has resulted in rising crime all over the country.

They are actively working to let our country get invaded by illegal aliens regardless of the status of these people. Democrats don’t care if they are sick with COVID-19, drug traffickers, human traffickers, sex offenders or if they have committed any other kind of criminal offense.

The safety of the American people is not a priority of the Biden Harris Obama administration. 

The fastest way to take over the country in a communist fashion is to destroy it so that corrupt politicians can have total control over us – and the Democrats are well on their way to this goal.