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VP Harris Touts Navy’s Role in “Fighting” Climate Change During Commencement Speech, Ignores That It’s Memorial Day Weekend

The anti-police anti-military Democrats make my skin crawl. They have no real reverence or respect for those in the military and law enforcement who risk their lives to keep us safe and uphold the Constitution. 

The Democrats only acknowledge these great heroes when they are needed as political props and praise them when they do the bidding for leftist ideology. 

The Democrats ignore history and why we have a military in the first place – and it’s certainly not to vaccinate people or make masks.

Memorial Day is just another holiday to Democrats. Another day off. They only have to involve themselves in what the holiday means during their obligatory yearly political events.

But Democrats often reveal their true nature if you are paying attention and this weekend was no different. VP Harris tweeted a photo of herself on Saturday, telling everyone to enjoy their “long weekend.” 

Gee, Kamala, I wonder WHY we have a long weekend? Is it because it’s Memorial Day weekend, a time when we honor the military who have given their lives for our country?

Biden wasn’t much better when he tweeted a photo of himself eating ice cream and said “Stay cool this weekend, folks.”

And Trump was supposedly the buffoon? Give me a break.

On Friday, VP Harris gave a commencement speech [1] at the U.S. Naval Academy. Why they would even invite her to do that is beyond me.

Harris talked about embarking on a new era during the speech. 

She discussed climate change and how the Navy was on the front lines of the fight. She talked about how climate change is a “real threat” to our national security – and how the Navy will navigate ships through thinning ice and help convert solar and wind energy into power.

She also congratulated them on using technology to make masks and showed her appreciation for them helping to vaccinate the public against COVID-19.

I am seriously surprised that anyone in the country still wants to join the military under the idiocy of the Biden administration. It’s just another extension of the Democrat party like the IRS and the Justice Department.

Harris ignored talking about actual mission of the Navy – like fighting wars and protecting the country from REAL threats. 

And she made no mention of it being Memorial Day weekend.

There was no acknowledgement of what Memorial Day means or meaningful discussion about the brave Navy men and women who died protecting our country.

So what is the “new era” we are entering?

It’s the new era of Democrat control.

It’s quite obvious that every governmental department, including the military, is there for the use of the Democrat party. They are all doing the bidding of the Democrat party, not the country, it’s people or the Constitution.

The Democrats are doing what they can to make sure that fighting REAL enemies, both foreign and domestic, is no longer the priority.

A weak country makes for a strong Democrat party.