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Vietnam Vet with Purple Heart Arrested for Entering Capitol on Jan. 6th But Most Antifa Terrorists Have Gotten Away Scot-Free

First of all, there was no insurrection on January 6th. Know how I know this? Because NOT ONE PERSON has been charged with insurrection.

And it definitely wasn’t an ARMED insurrection, which the FBI even admitted [1]. 

No one was charged with possessing or using a gun inside the Capitol. 

Some insurrection.

What were they insurrect-ing with? Trump flags?

And were they intent on taking over the government? No.

It was a protest that was planned by a few, instigated by bad actors (including an Antifa guy [2]) and got out of hand, including violence against police, and it was attended by many who stupidly joined along. 

But it was not represented truthfully (as usual) by the leftist media and it still isn’t.

It was hyped up (and still is) as about the worse thing that ever happened, even comparable to September 11th [3]. 

No, not even close.

In fact, it’s not even comparable to the AntifaBLM terrorism that has gone on for more than a year. I don’t remember any reports of anyone at the Capitol on January 6th shooting people (except for the Trump supporter who was shot and killed) or setting things on fire.

No, what happened at the Capitol is NOT comparable to Democrat terrorism that continues to this day, especially in Portland [4] where the Democrat-run city has let the terrorists take over.

What happened at the Capitol on January 6th was unsettling and wrong but not worthy of no-warrant invasions of privacy [5] including the FBI getting bank and phone records and tracking people down who were anywhere in the vicinity of the Capitol that day. 

It was not worthy of the all-hands-on-deck investigative tactics that are being used by the FBI to arrest every Trump supporter that they can.

That time could be put to better use finding out who is coordinating the AntifaBLM riots and arresting those that attend them day in and day out. It’s not brain surgery to figure out who these people are and to shut them down.

Antifa actually wants to shut down the government and take over.

It’s just that no one in law enforcement cares because most of the people who would have to enforce the laws against Antifa and BLM are Democrats.

The AntifaBLM movement has basically been getting away with violence against police, burning down businesses, looting and shootings for more then a year. Even when charges are made, they get out without bail and many aren’t prosecuted [6]. 

Trump supporters, however, are treated totally different. They are white supremacists, domestic terrorists and the true threat to the nation. If you even jaywalk, you had better watch out.

Because Trump supporters and especially white Trump supporters, have been labeled as domestic terrorists, the FBI has spared no expense and used an enormous amount of time to go after anyone even remotely involved or near the Capitol on January 6th – and have come back with minimal charges of misdemeanors like disorderly conduct and trespassing. 

“Justice” these days is completely dependent on what political party you belong to and if you are a supporter or hindrance to the Democrat party.

So if you happened to be a Trump supporter and were anywhere near the DC Capitol on January 6th, the FBI relentlessly pursued you with all of their resources.

And the FBI must be proud of themselves that they were able to arrest a 73-year old Pastor [7] and Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran last week. 

This veteran, who actually VOLUNTEERED to go to Vietnam back when he was in the service, was arrested for entering the Capitol building. He was not arrested for any kind of violence or arson like the AntifaBLM terrorists were involved in. 

The pastor, James Cusick, talked to an officer at the Capitol who directed him to a bathroom and never told Cusick to leave the building.

Nevertheless, the Biden FBI went after him.

A veteran who has never been in trouble with the law, you can clearly see why Cusick is such a threat to our country and why the FBI needs to vigorously pursue these kinds of cases.

The FBI warrant included finding the clothing that he wore on January 6th including his horrible Trump hat.

Cusack’s daughter Staci said. “My dad loves this country. He volunteered to go to Vietnam and fight. He served 16 months there proudly. He has taken so many kids on trips to Washington, DC, to let them see this great country. He’s very passionate about this nation. He’s a pastor and he holds the Constitution in a very high regard. He hates what is happening to this country, but he would never vandalize or harm any government property, or anything for that matter. He’s a very upstanding man and I was devastated to see him taken away.”

The courts also recently sentenced a grandma of five for “parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building.” She walked through an open door of the Capitol on January 6th and walked around for five or ten minutes.

Her crimes were so very serious that she got a sentence of probation [8].

They went after Trump first (and still are) and now they’re after all of us in one way or another. Rush told us this. Trump told us this. We knew it was coming.

Trump tweeted a meme [9] in December of 2019 which was completely 100% true. It had a photo of him and it said, “In reality, they’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.”