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There Is No Plan

It’s part of my job to survey conservative social media to ascertain which stories will play and which may not. During this process I’ve run across a sad phenomenon I thought had run its course immediately after the inauguration. That is, the “It’s all part of the plan” crowd.

You’ve seen their presence. These cretins believe that all that has befallen Trump, the Republican Party, and the nation is all part of a devious plan that will place Trump in the White House again sometime soon. Yes, they are loony.

They are allied with the tinfoil hat Q crowd, the New World Order idiots, the Jew baiters, the Trump cultists, and the other flotsam and jetsam who make up the fringe elements of the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

Now don’t get me wrong. I voted for Trump twice and if he’s the nominee, a current likelihood, I’ll vote for him again. But no, there is no shadow force that will return Trump to power before January 2025. The military is not rife with insurrectionists who see Trump as a savior and will rebel to seize power for him. There is no plan. If there was, it has been a startling failure.

I remember right after November I was confidently told by many that the election results would be overturned and Biden would never take office. Wrong. I was told there would be a military coup on Inauguration Day and Trump would be reinstated into office. Wrong again. Now I’m told current election challenges in the states will throw those states to Trump and he will soon occupy the Oval Office again. Lunacy. The people who say these things are the modern day equivalent of the 19th century Seventh Day Adventists.

What they are proposing is Caesarism, the replacement of our Republic with a cult of government devoted to one man. They are just as bad as the worst Antifa rioters, BLM racists, and Marxist members of Congress. They want power for power’s sake. Damn our liberties, forget our democratic traditions, throw away our elections, all in the name of their dark twisted appetite for revenge and authoritarian politics.

These people do no good for Trump or the party. They convince swing voters, the few of them left, that Trump and the GOP are violent inane extremists. Which is ridiculous, as the Trump administration sports the best overall record of any administration in modern times. But you wouldn’t know it from the “This is all part of the plan” set or the lowbrow junior SA thugs who rioted at the Capitol on January 6th. They don’t care about policy successes. They just want to endlessly stomp on the opposition.¬†For Trump to be the best leader he can be he needs to put a brake on these acolytes or read them out of the party. Now.