- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

The Mask Of Cowardice

Excepting people with medical conditions that make them particularly vulnerable to Covid, why is anyone still wearing a mask? Why is any government at any level mandating the wearing of the mask? Why are public facilities still demanding that a mask be worn? Cowardice.

This is a virus that still sports over a 95 percent recovery rate. It has from the beginning. This is a virus that has predominantly affected the elderly and medically compromised. It has from the beginning. Now that, according to early projections, herd immunity has taken place and the vast majority of the population has been vaccinated, what does the mask accomplish? It serves as a mark of the conformist.

You can see them everywhere. People driving alone wearing masks. People wearing masks outside. People wearing masks in establishments that don’t require it. On their cars the Biden bumper stickers predominate. In other instances, in the elderly, the sad echoes of the most conformist generation in American history, the 60s, shows itself once again to possess an inherent love of the herd mentality.

We’ve seen this before. Black shirts in Italy in the 20s. Arm bands in Germany of the 30s. The “peace” symbol of Americans in the 60s. All the same vicious conformists who played upon the collective inclinations of people who think like sheep.

Wearing the mask provides them today with an opportunity to virtue signal and scold at the same time. That puts them in hog heaven. Holier than thou and pulling a Karen is their own personal apotheosis. But what it really denotes is shame and profound cowardice.

The shame in the fact that grown adults still hide in fear of the unfounded neuroses of their contemporaries. The cowardice is their submission to any authority that dictates to them. This is the same mentality that totalitarian states use to get neighbors to inform on neighbors, to get children to implicate their parents in unauthorized thoughts, and that motivates states to single out peoples for systematic destruction, knowing the conformists in their population will go along with it as long as the writ comes from government.

Do private sector businesses have the right to mandate a mask? Yes. They are wrong but within their rights as a private concern. Do individuals have the right to wear a mask for the rest of their lives if they please? Yes. They are neurotic hypochondriacs, but sure. They’re lives, their deal.

But these individuals do not have the right to make the rest of us correspond to their psychoses. Government, loving the extra power virus regulations give them, should not have the power to mandate medical precautions when the need for said precautions is over. The mask is useless now to most sane people. It only serves as a badge of dishonor for the cowardly.