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The Left Wants Their Flags Flown Everywhere

The thing about the left is that they have no tolerance for anyone’s opinions but their own. It’s always their way or the highway and if you don’t agree with them, you are labeled with whatever hateful word or phrase that is popular at the time – racist, homophobic, xenophobic… whatever.

They don’t want equal treatment for their special groups of voters – they want special treatment and they want their views forced on everyone whether that means to get their ideas solidified in law or they just beat people into submission until they are silenced.

When “tyrannical” Trump was in charge, I don’t remember seeing flags flown around the country on official government flagpoles to support the second amendment, pro-life, the police or anything else that conservatives are concerned with or support.

But with President Disaster at the helm, we recently saw the flag of the Black Lives Matter [1] terrorist group actually flown at our embassies and consulates overseas. 

This type of partisan behavior is not limited to federal property though. Democrats are trying to push their agendas locally too. Democrat Governors and Mayors are flying pride flags on governmental property.

In Traverse City, Michigan, the gay Democrat Mayor, Jim Carruthers, is pushing for the Pride flag [2] to be flown the entire month of June on the flag pole at the Grand Traverse County governmental center. The building is occupied by both the county and the city, with the city only owning about 25% of the space.

Official government property is no place for ideology to be forced on everyone just because a certain segment of the population has a specific view on something. 

That’s what protesting and rallies are for. People can get a permit and have a Pride rally. Or a pro-police rally. They can show up and protest or rally for anything they want.

However, the only flags that should be on government flag poles are the American flags, the state flags or local community flags. No Pride flags, no Black Lives Matter terrorist flags, no thin blue line flags… none of that.

Grand Traverse County Administrator, Nate Alger, has denied Carruthers’ request because the county has a policy that “no objects may be hung, tacked to, learned against or in any fashion affixed to” county buildings and that “objects such as signs, symbols, or exhibits may not be placed on county property.”

According to the Ticker, Alger also cited concerns about the “potential first amendment implications of utilizing the flagpole as a forum for speech.”

According to Alger’s legal counsel, it could open a can of worms where other requests for flags from other groups would have to be allowed. 

Do the people in Grand Traverse County really want to see a KKK or an anti-Israel flag flying at their governmental building? What about a KFC or McDonald’s flag?

But as usual, when you don’t agree with Democrats, you are a bigot. Carruthers said that flying the flag means that Traverse City and its government is welcoming and “we support everybody” implying that they currently don’t.


Anyone who lives in Traverse City or visits already knows what kind of town Traverse City is. There are Pride flags all over the city in the windows and outside of businesses and Pride artwork drawn on taxpayer funded sidewalks in the summer. 

Carruthers can fly his pride flags all over downtown Traverse City on city owned property. 

But that’s not good enough.

Which shows you that this is just about politics. 

This is a Democrat Mayor being divisive and trying to force an agenda on the county – and as a bonus, he can try to get the local politicians to pick sides in this fight for use in future election campaigns.