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The Crotch Police Descend on Trump After His Speech in North Carolina

It was bad enough watching the media fawn all over Joe Biden’s choice of ice cream at the end of May. It was a total embarrassment to the journalism profession. 

Then over the weekend, thanks to the TDS fake media and celebrity Twitter trolls, we got to see Donald Trump’s crotch all over the internet [1] and social media.

Instead of their usual condemnation of Trump talking about the stolen election, the leftists chose to focus on Trump’s genitals during his speech at the North Carolina GOP convention.

His pants were really puffy. Things just didn’t look right.

Were his pants on backwards? Was he wearing Depends?

The unserious media and their supporters had important questions to ask after Trump’s speech. Much more important than anything having to do with Iran, the pandemic or the out-of-control southern border which is bringing drugs, gang members and sex trafficking into our country. 

Trump’s pants were the star of the show. Or at least they were in the deranged Democratic mind.

And Twitter, of course, doesn’t mind the leftists bullying a former president because, well, it’s Trump, and obviously bullying Trump is just dandy under their terms of service and trending phrases like “Diaper Don” are completely acceptable.

The Democrats have been turning into extremist bullies so this display of genital obsession over Trump’s pants is actually pretty tame when you compare it to going into cities and burning buildings down and attacking police. 

Since not all of them can participate with in-person bullying of their political enemies, Twitter will just have to do for most of them. 

They take to their keyboards to ridicule people, dox people, harass their businesses and try to get them fired.

But you’ve really got to have a sad life – a pathetic life – to have spent any time at all over the weekend, sharing photos of Trump’s crotch.

That’s what the Democrat party has become now.