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Mr. Unity President Boots Over-Qualified Trump Supporter Michael Savage Off the Board of National Park

Author, Trump supporter, former talk show host and current podcaster Michael Savage is not everyone’s cup of tea. He was a Trump supporter from the beginning of his candidacy and has arrogantly credited himself for single-handedly getting Trump elected. 

He has also said disparaging things about Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other talk show hosts, calling them “intellectual dwarfs” and “pimps” in the right-wing media among other things.

But no one can disqualify Savage’s science and intellectual background. Savage has a master’s degree in botany and also a Ph.D. and training in epidemiology.

He is obviously highly qualified to be on the board of the Presidio Trust [1]. The trust administers the 1500-acre park along the shore of the San Francisco Bay and is an old Army base. 

Trump appointed Savage to the board in 2020 because of Savage’s San Francisco roots, his botany background and interest in environmental conservation over his life.

The Pelosi and her husband own a home that is next to the Presidio, in what the America Thinker [2] calls “some of the most scenic and valuable real estate in the world.” 

But unfortunately for Savage, he isn’t a leftist. And besides being an outspoken Trump supporter, he’s also pro-God and pro-military.

So out he goes per Biden. 

Our lovely affirmative action and pro-leftist President only wants loyalists to the Democrat Communist party to participate in anything related to the government. 

To that end, the White House Office of Presidential Personnel wrote a letter to Savage on behalf of “non-partisan” Biden that told Savage to resign or get fired.

Savage refused to resign and talked to Newsmax [3] about it.

He said they are trying to purge God and the military from the national park. He said, “God & the Soldier at the Presidio was my most recent suggested exhibit and may have triggered the purge.”

They obviously didn’t appreciate his recent $2.5 million offer to fund a military exhibit [4]. Savage said, “These individuals did not want the military exhibits to be expanded.”

Fighting against the Biden administration, he said, “I have spent over 40 years working on environmental issues. The Presidio lands are a public trust that must be cared for by ardent conservationists and preservationists, not political hacks of the type Biden will install.”

Savage says that the board also expunged the minutes of the board meeting where he asked about the cost of installing the military exhibits – in addition to not answering any of his emails about the project.

Savage accused the Biden team of wanting to turn the park into “Woodstock West” or a Black Lives Matter Plaza and erase the park’s military history.

Booting Savage off the board is another example of Biden cleaning house and purging conservatives out of public service no matter where they may be and regardless of what resources and knowledge they have to do their jobs.