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Leftists Who Don’t Like America and Our Flag Should Leave our Great Country Like They Always Promise

America is a great country with a Constitution and rights for all of its citizens. The leftists don’t like that at all. 

Back when Obama [1] was president, he even talked about how bad the Constitution was with a “charter of negative liberties.” He doesn’t like the fact that the Constitution says what the government can’t do “for” you. Yeah, right. What he really means is “to” you.

How horrible it is that the people are protected from the government (insert sarcasm here).

Leftist NY Times Person of Color Mara Gay certainly doesn’t like things like free speech even though she’s supposedly a journalist. She recently went viral with her tirade on the American flag and Trump supporter’s use of it. There are too many flags and too many Trump supporters who have them.

She was very offended when she law American flags flying all over in Long Island when she went there on a weekend trip.

Personally, I don’t care WHO flies the flag. I just love to see it. After September 11th, flags were everywhere and it was great to see that. 

But Gay thinks only certain people should be able to wave the flag. And it certainly isn’t white Trump supporters.

Gay is on the editorial board for the NYT (big surprise) and was also upset about the expletives on the trucks she saw that were not complimentary of Biden. 

She was very disturbed [2].

I would probably agree with that. I think she’s very disturbed too.

And her problem isn’t just about Trump supporters – it’s all about race too of course. Everything is. 

Gay said on MSNBC, “I think that as long as they (Trump supporters) see Americanness as the same as one with whiteness, this is going to continue.” 

This? What is “this”? Waving flags?

Oh no! Whites are going to continue to wave the flag? How horrible. 

She said that “Americanness” and “whiteness” need to be separated.

Yep, we need to be separated from our flags. So says the racist. 

At least when I see a Trump supporter with a flag, they are holding on to it or waving it from their vehicle, motorcycle or boat. They are respectful of the flag and the country.

When I see a leftist with a flag, it is on fire on a street during a riot while they throw bottles of urine at police officers.

And now that Gay is getting push back on her comments, she is saying that she’s getting criticized because she’s black. 

No, honey, you’re getting criticized because you are an unpatriotic and partisan racist with extreme TDS.

The NYT tried to help her out by spinning reality and saying that her comments were taken out of context. LOL. Her problem was that she spoke English and we heard what she said.

I think it’s a bit funny how all of the leftists who said they were going to leave the country when Trump as president never left. 

No, they just figured out how to lie and cheat their way back in power. 

And now they’re trying to change the country into something unrecognizable and dangerous with little to no opportunity for people to be successful.

But there are millions of us who are ready to help them out. We are willing to contribute to a GoFundMe fundraiser to get rid of these anti-Americans who are disturbed by flags, free speech and the Constitution. 

America is obviously not where they want to be – or belong – and we should help them move on to a far far better place.