In the ongoing internal feud between the White House and Kamala Harris, Joe Biden has found a new way to keep his veep busy and failing. He’s given her the border and election integrity briefs and he knows she’s going to fail at both. Administration ideas and successes will be dead in the water on these issues and she’ll have her fingerprints all over them.

With that around her neck the chances of the 25th Amendment being invoked while she is the successor decrease substantially. In fact, Biden proxies are telling anyone in DC that Joe is fit as a fiddle and expects to serve two terms after he beats Trump a second time in 2024. The Trump people, those who are not hedging their bets, say their man will cream Biden in a rematch landslide.

While both scenarios are over the top, right now, advantage goes to Trump. Biden had no presidential baggage in 2020. Now he has tons. Is there any policy field he’s not screwing up in? Ah, but back to the main story. He can blame some on Kamala and jettison her in 2024, just as Trump has already jettisoned Pence.

Plus Kamala Harris is associated with the hard left. Biden has no ideological problem with the hard left, as he’ll make any deal to stay in power. But AOC, Cori Bush, and their ilk aren’t playing by the rules. The president talks to you, answers your calls, and doesn’t actively campaign against you even though you are a nationally divisive figure. So, what are you supposed to do in return? Shut the hell up.

But as evidenced in the recent Gaza War, they won’t be muzzled. The Democrat hard left, associated with Harris, are vicious antisemites and Israel haters. That makes them easier to throw overboard in 2024, executing the old Dick Morris triangulation theory. Combine that with the real and DC public animosity between the Biden and Harris camps and you have a recipe for party infighting. It’s a matter of generations, of ideology, and of turf. Neither side is giving way right now. That’s why Biden is saddling Harris with border security and election integrity and that’s why she is dodging the press. She knows she’s being set up for failure and is attempting to duck out of it.

When she does that, ducks the media and ignores her assigned duties on these topics, it makes the Democrat internal Biden case that she’s an airhead not capable of leadership or executive work. The Harris types shoot back that they never should have been given these albatrosses in the first place and their assignment is proof of Biden bad faith and plans to dump her in 2024. This is what is heard inside DC. Harris is being set up to fail.