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It’s Time to Ban Travel to and From China Indefinitely

China is not our friend. 

The fact that our government is actually admitting that the COVID-19 virus MIGHT have come out of a Chinese lab means that they are admitting to the lesser crime. 

It means that the virus was most likely released ON PURPOSE in order to destroy the American economy and get rid of Trump. 

I don’t believe in coincidences. COVID-19 was perfectly timed and the only question now is which American politicians were in on the plan with China? I’m sure we can all come up with a top ten list of who those traitors might be.

A pandemic was surely the quickest and easiest way of helping out both China and the Democrats to regain their power. 

Constitution be damned, the leftists (and some scared RINOS) controlled us at every level of government.

Our freedoms were lost immediately under the guide of governmental emergency powers.

And why should China wait to take back their rightful place in the world when they had a virus ready to do the job for them?

China has a history of deadly epidemics [1], whether they come to us naturally or not. SARS, the Asian Flu, COVID-19 and more. They have killed millions.

A virus is the perfect weapon of control. People will actually submit to tyranny quite easily because of fear – and won’t question much of anything.

Now we have a reported human case of H10N3 bird flu [2] in China. 

But don’t worry (wink wink) because China says the risk of large-scale spread is low. And we’ll be the first to know, of course, if that changes, right? 

I’m sure the Chinese government and the ever-impressive WHO will get right on it and let everyone know if we are in danger. 

And I’m sure President Disaster will keep us safe.

Regardless of whether these Chinese viruses are mad-made and get out accidentally or on purpose – or come from poor hygiene in their ridiculous outside food markets, China is a hot mess and there shouldn’t be any travel allowed between our countries for quite some time.

We need to be kept safe from the viruses that China spreads all over the planet. They shouldn’t be rewarded for killing more than 3.5 people worldwide from their COVID-19 disaster.

There should also be an economic price to pay for what they have done. There should be boycotts on Chinese products. There should be companies pulling out of doing businesses with China. 

Chinese diplomats should be expelled from the United States. Visas for Chinese students and professors in our colleges should be revoked. The spies need to be sent home.

If no price is paid, nothing will change in the future. 

But unfortunately, my suggestions are all a pipe dream.

There will be no “America First” with the Biden Harris Obama administration in charge because China is bankrolling the Biden family [3]. 

Even though the leftist Democrat media don’t report what’s going on – and would ignore any more Biden/Chinese scandals, there is still the worry that China has the goods on Biden and could expose his corruption and destroy his presidency. Therefore, Biden must continue to do China’s bidding.

So in the end, the American people are all sitting ducks – just trying to survive the leftist takeover of our country through the Biden presidency. 

We’re hoping that the fallout from Democrat tyranny won’t be too severe and that we’ll be able to reverse course and save the country.