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It’s A Wonderful Life If Trump Runs In 2024

Donald Trump lost the presidency in 2020. Whether by hook, crook, or hocus pocus the man does not currently sit behind the Resolute desk. That is the reality. Like it or not.

He is at present making moves like a 2024 candidate. If he decides not to run after all he will be disappointing a lot of people with this tease. But in all likelihood he is just building up the drama to a big announcement right after he takes credit for Republican gains in the 2022 midterms. His personality will not let him take a slight like 2020 unavenged. So expect a run.

But will he run as a challenger to an incumbent, as the situation seems? Yes. But on the other hand, this will likely be a rematch of incumbent versus incumbent. So Trump comes in not as a fresh face, but as a man with a record as president. It is a very good record.

The economy was never better than during his administration. The executive branch, this unheard of in modern times, fought for traditional American values. Our military was strong and battle-oriented. Our foreign policy supported our friends and stood up to our adversaries. Potential foes waited until after he left office to make their moves. Our border was secure and getting more so. America was respected at home and abroad. That is not so today. Oh, we’re liked abroad. But that is not the same as respected.

Trump’s advantage is that he has a record to compare with the current incumbent, as opposed to a new challenger. If, which is likely the case, the Biden administration will continue on its current courses to ruin then Trump will fare well in comparison. It’s almost like “It’s a Wonderful Life” in politics. Hear me out.

The Biden administration is the third Obama term. They’re trying to make the Trump administration irrelevant, like it never existed. It’s what the Angel Clarence did for George Bailey in the film. And just like life without George in Bedford Falls, life for America without Donald has not been pretty.

The economy stalling. Inflation in many areas. Job growth disappointing, gas prices sky high. The hard left administration is working against traditional American values with every tool at their disposal. We’re laughed at abroad, mocked by the Chinese on our own turf. Iran moved in Gaza and the Russians once more turn a covetous glare towards Ukraine. The border is in shambles, as a flood of illegal immigrants, even unaccompanied minors, are just dropped off in major American cities in the middle of the night and told to fend for themselves. This is Pottersville, this is America today. We wait for the return of Bedford Falls.