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Instead of Enjoying a Scenic Waterfront Park in Seattle, White People Get Lectured About How Racist They Are

Raise your hand if you are surprised that a park in Seattle has got signs all over the place telling you how racist you are and is indoctrinating the public about past atrocities that you have nothing to do with.

Woke leftists have decided to fight fringe racism that is not systemic at all by being systemically racist. 

They pretend to be fighting hate and discrimination but they are ALL ABOUT hate and discrimination. And it comes right out of the non-profits and governmental entities.

You’re guilty if you are white. No questions asked.

Even at the park. 

You really shouldn’t even be enjoying the park because of things that have been done by your race in the past.

It’s always nice to go somewhere and told you are oppressive to other races, sexes and cultures.

The woke non-profit group “Friends of Waterfront Seattle” have been working hard putting up their pretty signs and pictures in the park at Pier 62 [1] in Seattle for everyone to see in the unwelcoming and negative environment that they have created. 

Lucky for the birds, they can’t read. So they are able to enjoy the park without being harassed by racist leftists and their woke accusations of oppression.

Fox News correspondent Dan Springer said on Tuesday that “you’ll be hit over the head with a lot of negativity about the past and future. You’ll be told essentially that the area was taken from the Duwamish people” as well as many other woke “educational” pieces that the leftists have placed in the park.

Returning the land to the indigenous Duwamish people was also one of the demands of the illegal CHOP/CHAZ terrorists last year.

Even though the Friends of Waterfront Seattle website says that they are working to making the pier “welcoming” it is anything but. 

The park isn’t even “natural” looking with steel tanks and glowing artwork used as the chosen art pieces to display.

The flyer called “Pier 62/63 – Phas 1 Rebuild” which is a proposal to rebuild Pier 62 mentioned nothing about the woke signs they’d be putting up all over the place.

According to Fox News, the Friends of Waterfront Seattle, takes their position on wokeness very seriously.

Job applicants are told that employees will participate in regular conversations about race and equity and The Friends of Waterfront Seattle’s website says that “Friends of Waterfront Seattle acknowledges that historic and existing systemic racism is embedded in our city. Friends is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization by prioritizing racial equity inside the organization and in the public spaces we operate.”

In other words, they have arrived at a place where they are using racism disguised as anti-racism. A bizarre and racist agenda going on all over the country.

Their woke language continues with “as the nonprofit responsible for sustaining and programming the park in perpetuity, our goal is to create inclusive spaces for community-driven cultural events…”

Any time you see the leftists talking about being inclusive, it’s just the opposite. The word “inclusive” is just a buzzword that is used as a way to spew hatred and racism against whites and get away with it. 

It’s their way of judging people on skin color – the total exact opposite of what MLK Jr. was all about – not to mention the rest of us.