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How to Send Happy 100th Birthday Wishes to a Veteran and Former Fighter Pilot

D.T. Measells is an American hero, but like most of our heroes, he just thinks he’s a regular guy. But we know better.

Measells served during World War II as a fighter pilot, flying more than 50 missions in Japan.

Born in 1921, he grew up on a farm outside of Jackson, MS. When he came back from the war, he married Imo and they have been married almost 70 years. She turned 95 in February.

Measells will be turning 100 years old on June 30th and thanks to talk show host Sean Hannity [1], we have the information to send cards and presents to make this birthday a very special one.

His family is asking cards be sent from all over the world

You can send D.T. a card, a letter appreciation for his service to:


C/O John McCarren

5410 Sandell Court

Dunwoody, GA 30338