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Fauci Lying Typical Of Government Response

You’ve no doubt read with interest the recent revelations about Dr. Anthony Fauci. It seems he went to great lengths to cover up his active funding of the Wuhan Laboratory through a third party. He rightly realized it would affect his public standing and his credibility factor when talking to the media and public. But, his gamble failed and he is now exposed.

He’s not the first government drone to be driven to exposure. Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal dilettantes eventually admitted they were making it up as they went along. The same people eventually also admitted that their administration was rife with Soviet spies like Alger Hiss, Elizabeth Bentley, and Harry Dexter White. Lyndon Johnson’s administration covered up Vietnam data that showed his bombing campaign was having little effect.

His administration also launched The Great Society, perhaps the single most destructive program in American history. Its annihilation at many levels of the black family, it’s actual encouragement of multigenerational poverty, and its vast expansion of government bureaucracy were disasters almost from the beginning. But Democrats and the media cover them up to this day to avoid responsibility for the disasters they wrought.

Jimmy Carter decapitated the human intelligence capabilities of the CIA and then lied when those chickens came home to roost in Iran. Bill Clinton, involved in a host of scandals too myriad to chronicle in just one article, brazened out numerous coverups and lies with the active aid of the press. Barack Obama made such an effort to hide his Baath Party ideology and communist background that it became all the more obvious.

The lesson here is that the go to response from most involved in government, when faced with controversy or scandal, is to lie. It is no coincidence that all mentioned above are Democrats, as that is also their favorite response for most topics.

Why is that? Because exposure of the truth could lead to a loss of funding and influence. They understand that the first job of any organism is to survive and grow. Scandal could lead to a decrease in the size of the organism. Thus it must be fought at all costs, truth be damned. That is how Fauci has survived and prospered for forty years as a top level government functionary, by protecting his turf from exposure, by lying his way through problems. And he’s not only survived and prospered in the career sense.

He’s been feted by the pseudo great and good as a modern day Salk or Barnard. Now his enduring legacy will be that of a corrupt Chinese shill who finally got caught in lies and subterfuge designed to save his own skin. The public health effects of his lies on the American public? He couldn’t care less.