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Democrat San Francisco Is Dangerous, Dirty, And Getting Worse

When the voters of San Francisco elected as their District Attorney a man who is the unrepentant fan of, and also son of, two convicted Weather Underground communist murderers, they are sending a signal regarding what kind of city they want to live in. Well, they are getting what they asked for.

The city by the bay has become a municipal cesspool. Crime is rampant and ignored by police. Citizens fear for their person and property if they walk outdoors. Used syringes and human waste litter the streets. It is another example of a major American city run by Democrats.

This writer had a chance to talk to, under conditions of anonymity, a long time San Francisco resident who is leaving. We asked her to tell us why she’s leaving and what it was like before the deluge of crime and degradation.

“When I moved over to SF from ‘OakTown’ in 1993 I checked the Oakland vs SF crime stats, only to prove myself correct. SF was safer than Oakland. I lived alone in Pacific Heights and I walked to the nearby shopping district and normally half the way downtown to work without any fear for my safety. It was cool. I could walk down to Fillmore, go for a coffee, find fine wine at a store which specialized in champagne and buy cool clothes all within a few blocks of my apartment. It was urban but not ugly like downtown SF. I was safe as a single woman. I could take the bus or walk down to the Presidio to run on Crissy Field alone without concern for my safety. I wasn’t dumb about it, but it was so much safer then! I used to run in Golden Gate Park when I first lived near UCSF. No big deal. It wasn’t flooded with homeless people and drug addicts then…I moved into this house on Aug 1, 1998. We could walk everywhere in the neighborhood and when my girls were born in 2001, I used to push them around the area for miles in each direction without concern for my safety.”

“In the last ten years, my neighborhood has been slowly downgrading safety-wise. I never allowed my girls to walk all the places I had walked with them in a stroller or Baby Bjorn. Never. I rarely let them take the MUNI either since it is a filthy mess…I live like I am living in the Wild Wild West with no available law enforcement and each person must provide for their own safety. The coyotes behind my house are literally more protected than we are!…The Downtown is so inhospitable, which is polite-speak for the streets are literally covered with needles, syringes and human urine, and feces.” That’s one story. There are thousands like it. San Francisco has slipped into almost a medieval condition and all signs point to it getting worse. This should be a wakeup for America. Vote for Democrats? Welcome to San Francisco.