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Build Back Worse – Day 135 of the Biden Apocalypse

In just 135 days, Biden has turned the country into something unrecognizable.

We are currently facing increased crime, foreign invasion, race-baiting, antisemitism, inflation, labor and product shortages. 

To the left, it’s a small price to pay for getting rid of Trump and his mean tweets.

Our enemies have been emboldened to take down the Colonial pipeline and a meat processing facility with hacking and ransomware. I’m sure our banking system and other utilities can’t be far behind. 

Our feckless government can’t even protect the State Department’s email system [1] from being hacked.

Leftist Americans feel a righteous indignation and have Democrat support to fearlessly attack the police, innocent Americans and the Jewish community whenever something upsets them (or they need a new pair of Nikes).

Palpable hatred and a crime wave has been unleashed on the country due to Democrat race-baiting and the refusal to prosecute and incarcerate their minority voting bloc and political supporters like the Antifa terrorists.

Wave after wave of illegal aliens are invading our country and it doesn’t matter if they are sick with COVID-19 or are criminals. All are welcome, swooped up and hidden from view with the Biden administration flying and bussing them all over the country.

There are huge price increases for everything from chicken to lumber to utilities. And shortages of food and supplies all over the place. 

And it’s not the pandemic that caused this. It’s the response to the pandemic. It’s the Democrats closing everyone down and trying to control supply and demand. It’s the free money they’ve been handing out so people can sit at home on their rear ends and not go back to work.

Comparably, things were going pretty well with Trump in charge. 

People had jobs, people had freedom, the border was mostly secure and people had hope for the future.

Even though we were dealing with COVID-19, we knew it was a temporary situation and with Trump policies in place, we had the freedom to get back to where we were economically before the pandemic hit.

That can’t happen with Democrats in power.

The Democrats don’t believe in freedom, opportunity and capitalism.

All we get from the Democrats is massive spending, massive debt, massive inflation, and the purposeful destruction of our capitalist systems so that the federal government can be in charge of everything.

Biden and his Democrat legislators, governors and mayors are trying to turn our country into a third world country – literally. 

They’re importing illegal aliens from third world countries into our American cities in exchange for future votes and so they can cause a complete change in the demographics of the United States. 

At the same time, they are making sure to keep the American people down and out.

Meanwhile, the corrupt media continues to ignore Biden’s financial ties to communist China and the real problems plaguing our country. 

The media is more concerned about the flavor of ice cream that Biden is eating than the destruction of our way of life.