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White House Sanctions Teaching Racism in Schools

By now, everyone who is paying attention is fully aware that Critical Race Theory is totally racist [1].

The theory assumes that all white people are oppressive racists and all black people are oppressed victims.

MLK Jr. would be totally ashamed with this Democratic claptrap and the racial division that the leftists are trying to widen in the country.

Democrats don’t want anyone judged on the content of their character. 

That’s not fair. 

And it certainly doesn’t gain them any votes because they need to be able to promise reparations to people of color, hand out free money and grants, offer special treatment and ignore criminality among minorities. 

Now that a fair amount of the public has finally caught on to the CRT racism that the schools are teaching across the country, more of them are pushing back and showing up at school board meetings – even under threat of being called racists by the actual racist leftists. 

The fact that this CRT crap is being taught in our schools is quite despicable.

Imagine being a six-year-old being called a white supremacist. You don’t even know what that means.

Imagine being a child of mixed race. Are you an oppressor or a victim? And who gets to decide?

According to Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki, schools are being “responsible” for teaching their theories of systemic racism.

She laughably said, “it is not liberal indoctrination [2].”

Yeah right. The liberals are the only ones interested in  teaching the CRT hogwash so it obviously IS liberal indoctrination.

The liberals want you to look at someone and totally judge them on their skin color.

That’s racist.

And that’s who they are. It’s who they’ve always been.

They either support the racist indoctrination or they support those who do which is just as bad.