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Where Are Gays On Iran?

The question posed is a simple one: Where is the outcry from the gay community over the Biden administration cozying up to an Iranian regime that throws people like them off of roofs? Is murder excused if it’s done by allies of the Democrat Party? Aren’t gays who support an administration that cuddles with those who kill them for being gay akin to Jews for Hitler?

We’re lectured by the left on Israel ad nauseum. A generation ago South Africa was the cause of the day. Many, not all, gays and related groups never tire telling us how homophobic, transphobic, and generally horrible America is. Yet an administration they generally, not totally, support is ready to bend knee to a vicious theocracy that believes their very presence on the planet is an affront to Allah. Hence the roof gymnastics.

This isn’t the first time this hypocrisy has shown its ugly head. Recall when the Obama administration, on its last night in office, sent palates of cash to the mad mullahs of Tehran. Where was the disgust and condemnation from the gay community? Does their political activism, when it comes to murder and the funding of murder, stop at the door of the Democratic National Committee?

Remember the 2016 Orlando gay nightclub shooting by an enraged Islamist? Democrats and gay leftists were caught in a pickle then. They couldn’t condemn the murders outright without implicating the ideology of hate that motivated the shooting. But then they could be labeled “islamophobic.” They chose their leftist ideology and we heard little about the cause of the crime. The Left pivoted, as they usually do in cases like that, to badgering the nation on gun control, as if an inanimate weapon sat up and pulled the trigger.

It’s a sad day when politics comes before murder. However, its not confined to gays. How many BLM supporters would be ready to admit to who kills most blacks in America?¬† If they did admit it was other black Americans then it would be hard to pull off the white guilt scam they’ve played so well.

Will devotees of Hamas tell us who fires rockets into civilian neighborhoods on a regular basis? Will those who rant about toxic masculinity talk about the burdens males carry in modern society? Will anti-Western ideologues on college campuses instruct their students as to what political and economic system has brought more prosperity to more people around the world? Not bloody likely. It would harsh their leftist buzz.

Thus ridiculous hypocrisy is the lingua franca of twenty first century political communications. It’s never what you do or who you support, merely what you say for public consumption. Gays should be picketing the White House over Iran. Black Americans should be rejecting Democrats at every turn. But that won’t happen anytime soon. Such is the political¬†convenience of hypocrisy.