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United States Military Focused on Weather Instead of Actual Threats to the Country

The Biden Army is laser focused on climate change. That’s opposed to having their lasers focused on China, Iran or North Korea. 

The Biden sycophants in the Army, who are taking orders from a dementia patient pretending to be the President, have prioritized climate change as a serious threat [1] to national security.

Dear Army: Google Climategate. Your whole operation is based on a fraud.

Classifying climate change as a “serious threat to U.S. national security interests and defense objectives” is a joke. A scam. A racket. A hustle. A shakedown. Flimflam and hogwash.

We have far more serious – and non-fictional – things to worry about.

What about Klingons, exploding Twinkies or cats that are dressed up in hats? These things seem far more dangerous to me.

Our Biden military has become a laughing stock all over the world as the tyrants line up to test our weak and feckless president and aggressively plan to take over both land and people.

Even if we took the climate change data seriously as factual information, there is NOTHING that anyone can do about it – other than oppress people and tax them out of existence. 

Nothing our government does is going to change anything and the leftist government elites all over the world know it. It’s about ruling over people, holding their power and making money. PERIOD.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin, who is also busy flushing out Trump supporters and pro-America soldiers from the military, discussed climate change at the Leaders Summit on Climate. He said, “From coast to coast and across the world, the climate change crisis has caused substantial damage and put people in danger, making it more difficult for us to carry out our mission and defend the United States and our allies.”

OMG. That’s your job, dude. You adapt to circumstances. And weather is one of them. Fires, tornadoes, floods, wind shear, heat… bullets.

Dear Secretary Austin: When I drive down the street in the rain, I have to turn the wipers on. 

I don’t spend millions of taxpayer dollars to initiate studies and policies to try to get rid of the rain and tell everyone it’s the end of the world based on computer models with fraudulent data. 

And I don’t say, “yes, sir, whatever you want, sir” when my boss turns what I do into a mockery.