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There are Brainwashed Mask Wearers and Then There’s Little Ol’ Me

The CDC said we don’t have to wear masks anymore if we’re fully vaccinated (except in planes and a few other exceptions). My tyrannical Michigan Governor actually said the same thing. And so did my county government.

So I took them at their word. 

The cult of masks should be over.

But some stores can’t give up the masks.

Yes, I understand that the stores can do what they want. It’s like “no shirt, shoes, no service” and I will comply with their rules (or leave) if they require that.

The only reason I have ever worn a mask is because it is a rule of the businesses that I go into. I don’t do it because Biden or the CDC or Governor Whitmer tells me I have to.

I also understand that stores are short-staffed and may be too busy to take down all of their mask signs – so they were all still up on their doors and windows over the weekend when I ventured out maskless.

I have decided that I’m done with masking unless a store employee comes up to me to tell me to mask up. And then I’ll decide if I stay or not.

I didn’t wear a mask into Culvers over the weekend when I went there at lunch on Saturday. Everyone else in the restaurant (not at a table) was masked and so were all the employees. 

My husband too. He’s not a freedom fighter like me – but hey, someone has to be around to pay the bail money, right?

The cashiers didn’t say a thing to me. After seeing that I wasn’t harassed, I even inspired my husband to refill our drinks and get me a to-go box without a mask. 

What a rebel.

Next up, I went into Kohls looking for some black pants. My husband stayed in the car, not interested in clothes shopping and probably not wanting to be on TikTok if there was a mask encounter between me and someone in the store.

The only person in the store without a mask was me. I was it. And I saw about 50 people, staff and customers. I actually walked around the store looking for just one person without a mask and couldn’t find one.

None of the employees chased me down or threw a mask on me. Maybe some places are operating on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy – they’re just going to leave people alone.

When I got home, I looked on the Kohls and Culvers websites and Facebook pages and neither had an updated mask policy. 

Hardly anyone does, especially the local places. You just don’t know what’s going on. That’s not good business. 

At the business where I work, I made sure our Facebook page and website were updated with our mask policy and put and signs on the door so that customers knew what was going on. That’s what you do when you have customers – you keep them informed.

After doing a little research, I found out that there are stores that are still requiring masking: Kroger and Michigan store Meijer; Apple; Gap; Home Depot; CVS; TJ Maxx; and Walgreens were all listed as maskers as of Saturday.

Those not requiring masks are Trader Joe’s; Walmart; CVS; Sam’s Club; Costco; Starbucks, Target (they caved in one day) and Publix.

So now it’s up to us whether we let businesses tyrannically rule over us or not. We have choices of where we shop.

I actually didn’t get any dirty looks from anyone because I was maskless – or at least not directly. 

They were probably all in shock that I was acting like an American – roaming around freely without a cloth over my mouth.

Why is it that people will comply with tyranny at the drop of a hat but not with freedom?