- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

The “Poor” Illegals Crossing the Border are Not So Poor

Take a gander at the illegals crossing the border sometime.

You’ll see Adidas shirts.

Nike shoes.

Cell phones.

Leather jackets.

Many are overweight – so obviously they don’t have a food insecurity problem.

I haven’t seen too many of them dressed in rags, decimated by hunger or covered in injuries from their oppressors. 

No raggedy pants or holes in their clothes. Their shoes aren’t falling apart.

And many were able to come up with $10K or more [1] to get smuggled into America. I don’t have $10K sitting around. Do you?

These are not your “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

These are people who read about Biden’s freebies on their iPhones and are coming here for a welfare bonanza. 

So what’s going on? According to VP Harris, they are climate change refugees.

They’re not adapting well to climate adaptation [2] says VP Harris. 

We need to provide them with some AC and a lemonade!

That’s in addition to the free plane rides, travel money, free health care, free schooling and everything else the Biden administration and his leftist friends are providing these “poor” illegal aliens.