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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Signs Bill to Protect Girls from Guys Being in School Locker Rooms and Bathrooms

I seriously can’t imagine, back in the 80’s, having to deal with boys in the girls locker rooms and bathrooms when I was in school. 

I was already horrified that we had to change in front of other girls and take showers before and after using the school’s swimming pool. I think having to deal with boys in our locker rooms would have sent me over the edge.

Not that Democrats care about protecting girls. 

They just want to have an “issue” to use for political purposes including fundraising. It’s all about votes, not about protecting anyone or even giving anyone special rights.

Luckily there are some brave Republicans who are fighting this insanity so that girls are safe from emotional, psychological or physical harm.

According to Breitbart [1], Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee recently signed into law a bill that separates private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms for use by individuals according to their biological sex.

The fact that we actually have to have a bill to make sure this is a “thing” is insane. It’s what has to happen when Democratic absurdity rules the day.

Why are kids (and adults) able to identify as something they aren’t and then protected by the Democrats? 

Maybe the “insurrectionists” of January 6th should identify as Congressmen and women – then they couldn’t be charged for illegally entering the building.

Maybe I should identify as an illegal alien so I can get housing vouchers, free education, free healthcare and lots of other freebies.

Nope. We can’t do that.

It’s only when you are a liberal that you can identify as something that you really aren’t and then the Democrats will come running to your defense – including the ACLU who choses to protect the rights of transgenders instead of young girls.

They said, “Transgender students should be treated with respect and dignity.”

The ACLU doesn’t like the fact that classmates can avoid sharing public spaces with transgenders. They should be forced to do so.

The nut jobs in the leftist media [2], of course, categorize this bill as “targeting” transgenders when it’s actualy THEIR idiotic and destructive policies that are targeting innocent young girls.