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Snotty Starbucks Barista Tweets About High Maintenance Customer, Gets Fired

A Tweet from a Starbucks barista went viral after complaining about a customer [1] who required 13 different modifications to their coffee order. 

Twitter user Josie Morales posted a photo of the drink and labeled it “on today’s episode of why I wanna quit my job” where he complained about a customer named Edward who ordered a custom and time consuming Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino.

The post went viral and now there are customers all over the country ordering the “Edward” drink.

Josie doesn’t mention that it was a $14 drink.


Josie also doesn’t mention the nice tips that he and other baristas get by satisfying their customers with good service – although maybe HE personally doesn’t get good tips for obvious reasons.

Customers want what they want and Starbucks doesn’t make millions selling plain coffee. 

Edward said, “I don’t consider myself a jerk, especially if you tip well. So you know, a $5 tip, I feel like that’s probably almost 30%.”

So if Edward is willing to pay $19 for a drink, Josie needs to do his job and provide what the customer wants.

Josie appears to have gotten a bit agitated that he had to step up and fulfill specialty customer orders while he was at work. Maybe it interfered with his tweeting and cell phone use.

Some baristas have said that these kinds of complicated orders like Edward asked for have been inspired by a TikTok trend of ordering more difficult beverages.

But it is what it is and Josie needs to get over himself.

A company spokesperson at Starbucks explains that the orders people come for at the store are all part of the Starbucks experience. 

The spokesperson emailed Fox News and said, “Customizing beverages at Starbucks and our baristas’ expertise in helping customers find and craft the right beverage has and always will be the heart of the Starbucks experience. There are many ways for customers to modify their favorite beverage at Starbucks and most customizations are reasonable requests from customers.”

Reasonable or not, Starbucks is there to serve their customers. And that’s what baristas are hired to do. Fulfill customer orders.

Twitter trolls, of course, mostly took the side of the poor barista actually having do his job and were feeling sorry for baristas that have to make special accommodations for their customers.

Newsflash: If you have a job, it entails serving a customer and positively representing the company you work for.

Josie did neither and I’m glad he was given the boot.

I often have much more than 13 questions I have to ask my customers over the course of doing their job if the information isn’t provided.

My full time job is being a graphic designer at a copy shop and not everything is a one sided copy with black ink. 

I’ll get emails with a file attached with no information or a phone number. I will often have to ask a ton of questions to do what could or should be a “simple” job.

What’s the quantity? What’s your phone number? Color or black and white? One sided or two sided Stapled? 3-hole punched? Spiral binding? Fit to print or bleeds? When is it due? What kind of changes are needed?

There can be many other questions as well depending on the job.

We don’t sell “plain coffee” either which is obviously what this lazy barista wants to serve all day. Everything we do is custom to the customer’s needs.

I guess in the current Biden job market, employees can act like an idiot and shame their customers on social media. If they get fired, there are plenty of other jobs available thanks to President Disaster. 

Luckily, Starbucks was willing to get rid of a bad employee, not choosing to keep him just because they need a warm body in the building.

Starbucks fired Josie, citing that he didn’t adhere to their social media policy.

I can’t stand coffee – but Edward’s order sounds pretty good. If you can make coffee taste like a dessert, I might give it a try. His order contained five bananas, heavy cream, extra caramel drizzle, extra caramel crunch, extra salted brown butter topping, Frappuccino chips, one pump of honey blend, seven pumps of dark caramel sauce, extra whipped cream and ice.

Maybe it’s not worth $19 but I don’t have to tip if I get a bad attitude like Josie’s and then I can get it for the low cost of only $14!

Unlike Josie, I’ve been putting in a little extra effort with my customers. Businesses have had a hard time during the pandemic and are struggling to survive so I have been doing what I can to help our customers (and my boss) keep going during this time, even working a lot of overtime to keep up with things now that events are happening again and businesses are getting busier. 

I don’t complain that I have business – or that some customers are more difficult or time consuming. I certainly don’t complain about it publicly on social media.

Customer service needs to be better than ever right now and none of us should have to put up with the Josies of the world – whether they complain about us in person or online. 

When I go to BK, I want a cheeseburger with no mustard and extra pickles. 

And I don’t need some snotty kid or judgmental soccer mom complaining about it on TikTok or Twitter.