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Republicans Plan For 2022 Midterms

History says Republicans will likely take back the House in 2022. But Democrat cheating and the passage of HR1 could take a toll on their chances. The smart call at this point is a Republican 15 seat pickup in the House and 3 in the Senate. That’s enough for control of Congress. However, how are they going to do it? Two factors, a concise and clear message and detailed execution.

The message should consist of three points. Most voters have short attention spans. More than three confuses them and forces their synapses to fuse together in a futile attempt to comprehend multiple concepts. The avenues of attack likely will be socialism, the border, and a yet to be named target of opportunity.

The Bolshevik angle is obvious. The administration’s actions and ideology and blatantly Trot. Admitted socialists like Bernie Sanders and the Squad are Biden’s allies. AOC says the Biden administration has exceeded her expectations. Think about that. That’s like Stalin telling Khruschev he gets an A for effort. As we’ve said before, the comparisons with Atlee’s 1945 Labour Party administration are obvious. The Democrats are leading us to socialism. One problem, most of the American people don’t want to go.

That’s why you do and will hear the “s” word on a consistent basis from Republicans. And the Democrats, because they can’t help themselves, will play right into the political indictment.

The border is a beautiful issue. The optics alone are killer. Throw in normal nativism, human traffickers, terrorism, cultural invasion, and a host of other push buttons and the oppo attack options are myriad. The compare and contrast with the Trump administration is also primo, as the former president will no doubt point out on next year’s campaign trail.

The third idea could come from an issue yet to come up or could tackle left wing indoctrination in schools, Covid political manipulation, national security, the PC military, or crime in the cities. The economy may be doing well next year and thus may be off the table. Though due to Biden taxes and massive spending, a 2022 recession is not out of the picture.

As for execution, the GOP is going to have to presuppose Democrat cheating. The Democrats have the power in Congress now and they won’t give it up without a stiletto fight in a dark alley. The legal aspect will be vital, as Republican court challenges must happen immediately. GOTV will be decisive. It must be not only targeted at the base, but at suburban swing voters the GOP might regain now that Trump does not head the ticket. Trump himself could be either a curse or an asset. If he is limited to firing up and getting out his base he will be valuable. But, as usual, if he makes the whole thing about him he could cost us the House in 2022 like he cost us the Senate in Georgia in 2021.