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Out of Control FBI Stole Innocent People’s Property in Safe Deposit Raid

The Biden FBI is no better than the Obama FBI and can apparently do what they want.

According to the Reason website, armed with a warrant (which is now sealed) to seize property belonging to the company U.S. Private Vaults, the FBI ignored the exempted safe deposit boxes that had property owned by individuals – people who were not involved in the case being investigated by the FBI. 

The FBI took it all [1]. Property from 800 safe deposit boxes.

They found fentanyl, OxyContin, weapons and money – but had no Constitutional basis to take any of it.

Need to get your stuff back? Well, you’ll have to come forward and identify yourself as the owner of the anonymous boxes. Otherwise, too bad.

In Biden’s America, you have no Constitution and no rights. Unreasonable searches and seizures are fine.

A woman named Dangy (pseudonym) had all of her contents of deposit box taken by the FBI – $100K in silver and gold coins, a diamond necklace and other heirlooms.

This kind of thing puts us all in jeopardy because tyrannical law enforcement agencies can go after who they want with no legal or constitutional authority.

Of course, we already know that’s who the FBI is now based on the fake Russia hoax and all of their other shenanigans we’ve found out about in the past 8+ years.

Benjamin Gluck, a California attorney representing several of the deposit box holders, told Reason that the FBI and federal prosecutors have “no authority to continue holding the possessions of some 800 bystanders who are not alleged to have been involved in whatever USPV may have done wrong.”

The investigation that the FBI is involved with concerns the USPV being involved in a conspiracy to distribute drugs, launder money and avoid mandatory deposit reporting requirements. 

The FBI contends that a majority of the box-holders are criminals. 

Apparently, their contention overrides any Fourth or Fifth Amendment issues.