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Obama Fingerprints All Over Biden Administration

Joe Biden had an undistinguished career in the Senate as a moderate time server. He was against busing, against the hard left, he moved up quietly to important committee slots. Ran for president twice before as a member of the center left. But in 2008 he swings more left as the Obama veep. But still a perceived token moderate in the administration. Last year he runs as “the guy who beat the socialist” in the Democrat primaries.

Then, all of a sudden he takes over and he swings hard left. Some of this is the price he has to pay for getting the nomination of a hard leftist party. But it’s more than that. Case in point, the Second Gaza War.

There’s been something familiar about his attitude on this. Something we’ve seen before in his toothless demand to Israel to stop fighting. Something we know in his obvious antipathy to Bibi Netanyahu. And there’s a deja vu all over again of American irrelevance to the situation. Then, having a cigar, think I was smoking a Fuente, it hit me. This wasn’t Biden. This was Obama-The Sequel.

Yes, we’re virtually at the beginning of the Obama Third Reich…I mean third term, as in many areas Biden mimics his former boss. From PC indoctrination of the armed forces, to a radicalized Department of Justice, to unholy alliances with various left wing pressure groups, this is a repeat performance. But nowhere is it more obvious than in our relationship with Israel. There, the shots are being called in Chicago.

Sadly, Biden, never a Jew baiter before, has taken on the antisemitism of the Obama administration. Obama’s hatred of Jews and Israel was palpable. We see it again. His pro-Iranian moves were myriad, as in sending the mad mullahs of Tehran palates of cash his last night in office. What did Joe Biden do as soon as he took office? Restarted the Iranian nuke deal process. Where did he get the inspiration if not the orders? His former boss.

The Biden administration is full of Obama veterans like Susan Rice, who no doubt clears her actions with Chicago. The radical black left like Maxine Waters and Ilhan Omar are resurgent, as they know they will pay no price from the administration. You could take press statements and, aside from the PC race groveling, there is little difference between the praise heaped upon the Obama and Biden administrations.

This means the vicious anti-Israeli policies will continue and get worse. As we see by the recent statements of BLM, they stand foresquare with Hamas and the Palestinian terrorists. Obama and his key aides advise groups like BLM from Chicago and will make sure their antisemitic interests are represented at the highest levels of the Biden administration. In this attitude and other facets of the current regime: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.