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Leftist University of Minnesota Student Urges Others to Make Fake Calls to Police

University of Minnesota student and member of the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) executive board, Lauren Meyers, could care less if you’re being attacked or raped on her school campus and need a police officer to help you. 

She prefers to make sure that the campus police are busy running around responding to fake calls.

In a now-deleted video conference [1] that was a follow-up on the MSA demands for the campus Police Chief to resign in addition to other ultimatums, she said, “Make their (police) lives hell. Annoy the s— out of them. Like use up their resources, make their officers show up to something.”

In a letter to President Joan Gabel and Senior Vice President Myron Frans, of the University of Minnesota, the MSA rails against the Police Chief. They want the un-woke Clark to leave because he won’t “reform” the department and bend to their will. Plus he was an Assistant Police Chief for the City of Minneapolis. Ick.

They want a Chief who is committed to diversity and inclusion – which I am guessing doesn’t include providing security during Black Lives Matter protests since that’s another one of their complaints.

The MSA didn’t like the fact that UMPD officers assisted Brooklyn Center police with crowd control during the Daunte Wright protests. 

Their long list of demands includes letting student organizations have a say in the hiring of an interim Police Chief as well as a replacement Police Chief. They want police who uplift BIPOC voices and they want to be consulted on police policies. 

They also demand solidarity and commitment from the U of M administration in their initiatives and demands in relation to campus policing.

They threaten that if their demands aren’t met, they will accept it as a failure of the administration to properly serve the student body and will begin planning “direct actions” to not only ensure the resignation of Matt Clark but the transformation of University of Minnesota Police Department.

Calling in false emergencies or crimes is actually a felony in Minnesota but it looks like Meyers is trying to get others to do her dirty work for her. THEY will be the ones fined $20,000 and going to jail for 10 years instead of her for making those calls.

And, of course, Meyers is currently facing no “canceling” or suspension or expulsion for her disgusting behavior. But to their credit, the University actually distanced themselves from her. [2] 

Although the University of Minnesota respects the free speech of the MSA, they claim their group is an autonomous group, independent from the school and they said, “…the University unequivocally disagrees with the ideas expressed about disrupting UMPD’s daily work. These ideas are illegal and would directly conflict with ongoing efforts to keep our campus community safe.”

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association and Law Enforcement Labor Services agrees. Executive Director Brian Peters said, “We’re frustrated that elected student leaders would purposefully choose to stir further division to make the campus less safe. Actively planning to thwart UMPD by generating false calls for help is insulting to the overwhelming majority of the campus community that rely on public safety services. MSA leaders should be ashamed — and apologize to the campus community and victims of crime on campus.”

They are also demanding an investigate to see if Meyers has violated the school’s code of conduct.

No investigation is needed though. I took a look at the code of conduct [3]and she clearly violates their rules on every one of the four pages. 

She’s not accountable for resources, she’s not advancing the quality of life for anyone, she’s not committed to a high ethical standard and she is making threats and using harassment in addition to other violations. 

There is more than enough bad conduct that she has been exhibiting that the school could suspend or expel her. 

But since when have we seen a leftist that has had to pay the consequences for their words or actions?

I won’t hold my breath.