The Palestian-loving anti-Israel Biden administration did not come out and stand strong with Israel after this weekend’s attacks against Israeli police and continuing attacks on civilians. 

No, Israel only got that kind of support from former President Trump.

The Biden State Department blamed both sides even though the Israelis were defending themselves from the violent Palestinian rioters.

The State Department said in a statement that they are “extremely concerned” about the ongoing “confrontations” in Jerusalem. 

They asked for both sides to exercise restraint. Yep. The Israelis need to quit being targets and quit defending themselves.

Well, at least they didn’t call the events peaceful protests. That’s progress.

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But all anyone got from the Biden administration was thoughts and prayers. They are “concerned.”

No solidarity with Israel. No strong stance against Palestinian violence. 

But did we expect differently from Biden? Not at all. President Disaster and his goons have no problem with rioting terrorists – whether they are here in the United States or in Israel.

Because the Biden administration is always on the wrong side of everything, they were actually asked by the Israelis to stay out of their business.

Israel’s National Security Adviser and Chief of Staff for National Security, Ben Shabbat warned, “international intervention is a reward to the Palestinian rioters and those who back them who were seeking international pressure on Israel.” 

The leftist media, of course, is only talking about the hundreds of poor Palestinian terrorists who were injured and hospitalized in a “clash” with Israeli police. They aren’t reporting what the Palestinians were actually doing.

And what they were doing is committing terrorism just like our very own BLM and Antifa Democrats.

Upset with a planned eviction of families in east Jerusalem and taking advantage of Israeli religious celebrations, the Palestinians continued their violence that had started weeks ago when they launched rockets and incendiary balloons towards southern Israel.

This time, over the weekend, the Palestinians decided to close down the Temple Mount so Israelis couldn’t enter. They put up barricades (sound familiar??) and gathered rocks and other weapons. The Palestinian media reported they were preparing to “confront the occupation forces and settlers.”

The Palestinians put up posters of their terrorist leader and threw rocks, fireworks and molotov cocktails at Israeli police officers (sound familiar?)

The police responded to the terrorists with rubber bullets, stun grenades, tear gas and other riot-deterring methods. 

Palestinians also tried to lynch an Israeli driver in Jerusalem during the riots. The driver lost control his car and swerved into a sidewalk after being pelted by rocks. The terrorists approached the car, still throwing rocks and tried to attack the driver and his passenger. Fortunately, police officers got to the scene almost immediately and got rid of the mob.

Biden won’t stick up for Israelis or the Israeli police from rioting terrorists any more than he’ll protect Americans from them. He’s pretty much worthless at protecting the citizens of either country.

After rockets were fired into Jerusalem by Hamas on Monday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, ”We will not tolerate an attack on our territory, in our capital, on our citizens and soldiers. Whoever attacks us will pay a heavy price.”

Netanyahu is very much a MIGA guy – Make Israel Great Again. Like Trump, he protects his countrymen and women.

Meanwhile, the Biden Harris Obama administration continues to tell “all sides” to de-escalate tensions. 15-year-old State Department spokesperson Ned Price says that they’re “deeply concerned” about the situation. I’m not sure it that is a step up or down from being “extremely concerned” in their earlier statement.

I’m sure more thoughts and prayers – and condemnation of Israel – will commence in the following days.