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Is the United States Still United?

This is a follow up to an article I wrote over two years ago. In that piece [1], I asked a simple question: Do Americans share basic values anymore? If we don’t, why are we still one country?

When I first wrote the piece in April of 2019 our national discourse had already degenerated into rabid hatred. As we know, the press and pop culture went after Trump, Republicans, and conservatives then with a frothing fury. That’s why I, semi tongue and cheek, proposed the West Coast form the new nation of Pacifica. There multiculty socialists could have the government and social values they wanted and the rest of us could restore limited government to our side of the Nevada border.

After two years and the end of the Trump era you would think tempers would have cooled. But because of an administration that makes the Clinton administration look like the reign of Calvin Coolidge, they justifiably burn ever hotter.

We are faced with a White House that has opened our borders to the point we have ceased to have a Southern border. We deal with an FBI that is a political intimidation tool of the Democrat Party. We grovel to foreign enemies and sell out allies. Marxists are at the highest levels of the federal government. Our military’s mission is not primarily┬ánational defense, but internal social engineering. Law enforcement is denigrated and race hustling thugs lauded. Our culture applauds and reaps profits from the dumbing down of America. And if HR1 passes, our very democratic process will be in danger. Is this a country you want to live in?

There are those who call for a Convention of States, thinking wise heads would prevail there. Why would they when states like California and New York would attend? Some on the fringes have called for a coup. Idiots even thought one would happen on January 20th. But once you go down a Bonapartist path you end up with, well, Bonaparte. Thus not a good idea.

Before there is more shooting in the streets, and the initial article I wrote on this issue was penned more than a year before the George Floyd riots began, something must be done to avert very possible mass bloodshed and unnecessary national catastrophe. The only way I see it peacefully happening is at the conference table.

The next Republican president, the day after inauguration, needs to bring in the governors of California, Oregon, and Washington and say, “Hey, you guys want your own country?” We keep a corridor to the Pacific and all our military bases in those states stay under our flag with a 99 year lease. We get consistent conservative government and amusingly watch the Left Coast become Venezuela with worse healthcare. Sounds fair to me. But more than fair, at this point, sounds increasingly necessary.