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If the Geniuses in Government Didn’t Want a Run on Gas, They Shouldn’t Have Declared a State of Emergency

The feckless Biden Harris Obama administration and their Energy Czar Jennifer Granholm can’t seem to figure out how to deliver gasoline to the southeast side of the country. 

Gas stations across 17 states are running out of gas after [1] our largest pipeline was hacked.

The government displayed their incompetence from the beginning with a state of emergency coming from the Department of Transportation [2].

Instead of the federal government portraying confidence that they know what they’re doing (they don’t) and can take care of the problem, they scared millions of people with an EMERGENCY announcement. 

Apparently, they actually have no back up plan. No contingencies in place. THAT is the real emergency.

So the obvious next steps that were taken by consumers who remember the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 was to make sure that they went out and got the gas that they needed.

Because, you know, the government SAID it was an emergency, right???

Of course, now that the Feds have gone out and stoked the fear with their emergency, they are blaming Americans for being the problem for the shortages.

Of course, with the left, it’s all in the messaging and words aren’t words anymore. 

The Democrats and the media (same thing) are parsing those words, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, said that we don’t “have a gasoline shortage.” We just have a supply crunch. 

Earth to Jen: We have a supply crunch because you didn’t fix the gasoline shortage.

Other Democrats and the media seem to be on board with the damage control message to pretend Biden has everything under control but the reality is quite different.

The Emergency Declaration from the Dept. of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was done to keep fuel supply lines open and address potential gas supply disruptions. 

Well that worked well (insert sarcasm here). The Southeast is running out of gas and the Democrats have no plan.

Don’t worry though. Granholm is assuring everyone that things should be back to “normal” soon.


No word on what the definition of “soon” currently is according to the Democrats.

Democrats are great at issuing edicts, handing out phrases and and coming up with BS policies that don’t work – but not so good at implementing anything or keeping our county out of one crisis after another.

Granholm is still not showing a whole lotta confidence that the issue will be solved anytime soon. And I’ve heard no great plans to rush gasoline to the states that need it. Why is that?

But then again, who’s going to rush it over? People are still sitting on their rear-ends not working, collecting unemployment money, stimulus checks, racial injustice payments and coronavirus bonuses.

The shutdown of the Colonial pipeline definitively proves that the Green New Deal is a complete fraud.

People need gas. 

The Colonial pipeline goes 5500 miles and transports 2.5 million barrels of gas a day. You can’t replace that with windmills and electric cars that people don’t have – and don’t want to buy.

And now that the horse has been let out of the barn with emergency declarations, Granholm is telling people not to rush out and fill up [3] on gasoline. 

She’s a little late to the game.

People will protect themselves and make sure they have enough gas to get to work and go about their daily activities – especially when they know that they can’t count on Democrats to fix anything.

The REAL emergency is going to come when the leftist young folk can’t get their pizza from their Uber Eats driver because he has no gas. That alone might turn them into a Republican.