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If Alzheimer’s Disease Was Contagious Would We Have a Vaccine by Now?

We all know that the reason we have COVID-19 vaccines available to us is because of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program and all the work he did to get the pharmaceutical companies to move ahead at…yes, WARP SPEED.

A combination of capitalism and Operation Warp Speed led to the CDC’s emergency use authorization of two vaccines in under 12 months. And another one came soon afterward.

It was all hands on deck. American ingenuity (and cuts to the governmental red tape) persevered and we all were rewarded. 

Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are saving lives [1]all over the planet.

If only there was a vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Obviously, the scientists and doctors have been working hard on this disease but sometimes necessity is the mother of invention and we’re missing the urgency that the pandemic presented.

Necessity is how we got freeze-dried food, artificial limbs, cochlear implants, improved radial tires, water purification and much more. Because of the space program, NASA had to invent many things that have improved life for everyone, not just people in the space program.

So here we sit, about 115 years after German psychiatrist and pathologist Alois Alzheimer first reported the Alzheimer’s disease in 1906. That’s a long time to not have a cure or a vaccine.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death [2] in the United States with an estimated five million Americans living with this disease according to the CDC.

The CDC projects that the number will quadruple by 2050 to 14 million adults aged 65 and over living with Alzeimer’s.

I think it’s time to ramp up the urgency of finding a cure or a vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease.

The only problem is that we have the wrong president to do the job. 

He’s talked about the problem but has done nothing. 

Biden’s teleprompter is full of more pressing issues to his leftist friends like climate change, supporting racist policies, transgender bathrooms and free college for everyone.