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Democrat Turkeys Won’t Allow Chicken Dance at DC Wedding Receptions

The insane tyrannical Democrat government is always coming up with ridiculous unscientific rules that we have to follow during the pandemic.

No funerals but Menards is okay. No baseball games but rioting is okay… There has been and continues to be all kinds of BS coming from our government.

The latest BS comes from Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser in DC who is banning dancing [1] at wedding receptions because people will get too close and touch each other.

So what is the fine or jail time for dancing at someone’s wedding reception? 

Hm… Well, it’s probably a lot worse than if you showed up in your Antifa garb and set a police building on fire.

I seem to remember someone else banning dancing and it didn’t go well at all. 

During the 1984 movie Footloose, the local minister, who is also Kevin Bacon’s girlfriend’s dad, had banned dancing and music in the entire town. 

The townspeople continued their lunacy and got so leftist that the church congregation actually burned library books because they were “dangerous.”

Tyranny and censorship. Sound familiar?

Bacon’s character convinces the young folk to push back and they all end up dancing at the prom at the end of the movie.

Lesson learned. Ignore the idiocy. Do what you need (or want) to do.

Ignoring the idiocy seems to be the answer to a lot of things these days and is especially good advice considering that the DC Mayor has actually banned standing too. 

The exact phrase in DC’s Phase Two Guidance concerning guidelines for events says “standing and dancing receptions are not permitted.”

Yes, I am serious.

I’m not sure how you’re going to make it to the bathroom or even leave the facility without standing but I guess that’s your problem, not mine. Maybe someone will need to carry you out. 

Some of you might be used to being carried out of wedding receptions anyway so it might not be a big deal to you.

Dance on, folks!