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Democrat Parallels With 1930s Totalitarianism Are Ominous

History teaches lessons. One of them is that what you are currently perceiving probably has been done before. In this day and age that is rather concerning, as aspects of the Democrat Party today draw historical parallels to three tragic epochs in the record of mankind. Specifically, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and Bushido Japan. All in the 1930s.

As many Democrats are socialists it is no great leap to find similarities with the Soviets. Cancel culture was a Soviet invention. So was PC. But what is also interesting is that Soviet Russia made great use of show trials in the 30s. In Arthur Koestler’s great book “Darkness at Noon” he fictionalized the Soviet show trials that led so many old Bolsheviks to false confessions and subsequent death. These trials, the same type happened in Nazi Germany, had preordained verdicts. This was much like the recent Chauvin trial. Did anyone at all think Chauvin stood a chance of a fair trial in that venue, with political pressure for a guilty verdict coming from the very top? Of course not. But to Democrats that was justice. It was a kind of justice Stalin would have understood well.

And what of the Democrat and PC war on free expression? Have we seen that before? Yes, Berlin in the 30s. Book burnings, the banning of certain types of art and music, vicious antisemitism were all prevalent in that Germany and are now parts of the leftist Democrat agenda. Leftist media bans speech it doesn’t agree with and is applauded by Democrats. The SA ranks with Antifa and Black Lives Matter in thuggery. Looting, arson, vandalism are excused as legitimate political expression by the German National Socialists and prominent Democrats. The parallels are numerous. William Shirer recounts these facts about Hitler’s Germany in his “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich”. It is sobering reading in 2021. But, you ask, the first two are obvious. How do the Democrats compare to Bushido Japan? In the normalization of violence.

Have you ever read “The Rape of Nanking” by Iris Chang? Chang was a beautiful, brilliant, and tragic writer of the first rate. Her books on 1937 Nanking and The Bataan Death March are excellent. But she made the mistake of heartfelt historians. She lost objective detachment and brought the office home with her. After years and years of researching the worst in mankind the demons were too much for her. She took her own life in 2004.

One of her main points was that the Japanese soldiers who committed horrific atrocities in Nanking had not been monsters before the carnage. They were average men who had been brutalized by Bushido training and war. Violence was rationalized as a natural part of political aggression to them. When Democrats blithely approve of Antifa and Black Lives Matter murder and rampage under the guise of “social justice” they engage in the same basic mentality of those who destroyed the people of Nanking. These are not happy tidings. But they are truths to be remembered now and forever.