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Coalition of TDS Rinos Threaten to Leave Republican Party and Form a Third Party. Good Riddance.

A group of Rinos who we never wanted in the Republican party to begin with has threatened to abandon the Republican party and form a third party.

What’s stopping them? Do it now!

They don’t like Trump or the America First agenda. I say “good riddance” and happy days will be here again.

That’s one less vote for the Democrats from every one of them and their supporters because these yahoos didn’t and aren’t going to vote for a “Trumpian” agenda to begin with. 

And we certainly don’t want them representing us in the Republican party.

These Rinos are calling themselves “A Call for American Renewal [1].” They are a coalition of opportunists who want to get fawning media coverage and accolades from the fake news media for being such fine upstanding people. 

Plus they want to haul in some donation money from the organizations [2] that they list that they are working under at the bottom of their site – “Stand up Republic” and “The Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform.”

They want the GOP to rededicate themselves to representing America’s founding principles.

That’s laughable.

If they were paying attention at all and weren’t consumed by their TDS, they would have noticed that Trump was the most Conservative president we have ever had. 

But these Rinos are NOT principled people. Not at all. They are elitists who are concerned with pretense – looking, sounding and appearing reasonable and polished in public. 

A group of pompous people who are not able or willing to defend our republic from our political enemies in the Democrat party because it might make them look bad.

Some of the Rinos on the list of the 150 losers in this coalition include Michael Steele, Mark Sanford, Tom Ridge, Christine Todd Whitman, Anthony Scaramucci and (LOL) Trump-hating George Conway.

They wrote an op-ed in the leftist media rag the Washington Post [3](of course they did) to ask others to join them. 

They are on board with the leftists calling for an end to the “extremist elements” in the GOP – you know, the people who are concerned with liberty and freedom.

All 13 of the principles they profess that they want on their website are all things that Trump and his supporters have fought for and made better while he was in office.

These Rinos got their knickers in a twist when the GOP kicked Trump-hating Wyoming REP Liz Cheney out of her leadership position and they said that the Republican party has “lost their way.” They released their manifesto a day after she was booted.

They also don’t want division anymore. They want more RINOS to cave to the leftists. 

These elitists only have an allegiance to themselves, not the America First platform that the Republican voters want. Not the Constitution. Not making America great.

They have threatened to either “reimagine (a leftist word) a party dedicated to our founding ideals or else hasten the creation of such an alternative.”

I say do some hastening. Get OUTTA here, Rinos. We never wanted you to begin with.

They can try to get rid of “Trumpism” all they want. It’s not going to work. We’re not going anywhere. 

THEY are representatives of no one.

And do you know what a group of Rhinos is called? It’s called a CRASH.

Is that perfect or what?