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Can Trump Pull Off A Cleveland Or A Churchill?

Donald Trump is a favorite for the 2024 Republican nomination and perhaps for reelection to the presidency. But the question remains, can he do it? Can he make magic happen with a break in between?

Now get off your high horse and stop confusing what you want to happen with what could happen. I’ll certainly be voting for the man if he’s the nominee in 2024. But, will he make it?

An American president and a British prime minister did make it. The Brit, actually half American,made it in a manner of speaking. We reference Grover Cleveland and Winston Churchill.

Cleveland, one of the last good Democrats along with Truman and Kennedy, was elected president in 1884, lost reelection, and won again in 1892. Thus he has been the only president elected to two non consecutive terms. The exact same thing Trump is trying to pull off. He is the 22nd and 24th president, just as Trump would be 45 and 47 if he runs and wins.

Churchill, due to the parliamentary system, did it slightly differently. He gained office in 1940 through an intraparty revolt against fellow Conservative Neville Chamberlain. He led Britain through the war, won it, and for it they threw him out of office in 1945. So, he never won a national election for the Conservatives. That is, until 1951 when he was swept back into office. Two administrations, just what Trump wants.

His chances? Right now? Good. The 2020 election pitted a sitting president, naturally with baggage, versus the unknown, not really, of a Biden administration. Voters went with the new product. But the Biden administration is not unknown anymore. It’s a disaster.

Within perhaps the fastest time in presidential history, this man has made a dog’s breakfast out of the office. Is there any issue, any subject, any area, he has not screwed up in? War in the Middle East because Hamas thought we wouldn’t back Israel, inflation, the war on law enforcement, racism, PC, woke schools, the border, and on and on. Everything the guy touches turns to shite. That’s what the stimulus checks were for, a bribe to forget about his performance in office. And many will take the trade. But not enough to ensure his reelection.

Trump seems to have learned somewhat from his election loss and now practices, to a degree, message discipline. Every day he looks better by comparison, mercurial nature and all, with Biden. Though several want it, no serious Republican right now will challenge him successfully for the GOP nomination. There’s nothing people like more than a comeback story and Trump is primed to give it to them. Though, if you think the press and the culture went after him last time it’ll be nothing compared to what they have planned. But that will elicit a Newtonian Third Law reaction from Republicans and the voting public. Thus, right now, the chances are he will be the 47th president of the United States.