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Black Lives Matter Terrorists Pledge Solidarity with Palestinian Terrorists

Black Lives Matter recently tweeted their anti-Israel position by saying, “Black Lives Matter stands in solidarity with Palestinians [1]. We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all forms and will continue to advocate for Palestinian liberation.”

The BLM support for the Palestinian terrorists who are constantly waging their antisemitic war against Israel is really of no surprise. They are two peas in a pod.

They have much in common. They both like fire and they both like violence.

While BLM prefers molotov cocktails, the Palestinian terrorists like to light kites [2] on fire and send them across the Gaza border to set Israeli farms and forests on fire. 

Both groups are just lovely people and you can see how they would get along spectacularly.

The support for the Palestinians among the BLM has been going on for a while. For more than a year, while marching in their Democrat parades with their Antifa friends, they’ve all been waving their Palestinian flags and holding up their anti-Israel signs as they set buildings on fire, attack police and vandalize businesses.

Co-Founder BLM Patrisse Khan-Cullors had traveled to Palestine [3]back in 2015 and said, “This is an apartheid state. We can’t deny that and if we do deny it we are part of the Zionist violence.” 

Back in 2020, Al Jazeera [4] wrote an article about how the BLM movement could learn a few things from Palestine if they wanted to be successful in their anti-racism uprising.

Al Jazeera said it’s not difficult to draw parallels between the Palestian fight and the fight against anti-black racism in the United States. They said, “The white supremacist, settler colonial projects in the United States and Israel share core tenets, oppressive tactics, aggressive strategies, propaganda techniques and apparatuses.”

Don’t worry though. Al Jazeera has the solution. 

Al Jazeera says, “…present strife (in America) highlights the dire need for a revolutionary socialist agenda to replace intrinsically white supremacist capitalist tyranny, to achieve permanent equality and justice.”

A revolutionary socialist agenda.

Yep, that’s where America is right now with President Disaster in charge.

In the Arab News [5], Bruce Wilson, leader of the BLM movement in South Carolina, compared the struggle of African Americans in America to the Palestinians in the “occupied” territories.

He said, “When I see a black man being killed by the police in America and a Palestinian being killed by Israeli bombs, I have to have empathy. I would fight for a Palestinian child just as hard I would fight for a black man in America.”

He says that black people in the United States are “waging the same struggle to be free and achieve justice.” 

These people are not only violent and antisemites but they are not connected to any kind of reality at all. 

The question is – do they really believe the crap that they spew or do they spew it anyway for political and financial reasons?