China put a module for a space station into orbit on April 28th with a booster. Something went wrong though and the mission launcher is heading back to earth.

According to Space News, a possible ground observation by an amateur has seen flashes from the rocket core which suggests the launcher is tumbling and out of control. 

The launcher is estimated to make re-entry into earth’s atmosphere sometime in the next few days.

The launcher, which needs a much cooler name, is called COSPAR ID 2021-065-B. 

So in Trumpian style, we’ll call it The China Bomb. We don’t know where it’s gonna land and it’s huge. But we know it’s from China and if it reaches the ground, it’s going to go “boom” and cause a lot of damage to people or property after moving at a speed of over 15,000 MPH.

The China Bomb is being watched closely so that ground tracking stations can figure out where it’s going to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and where it might land.

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Estimates for a landing area include New York, Madrid and Beijing but also could be as far south as Chili and New Zealand.

The China Bomb is 100 feet long by 16 feet wide and it’s possible that debris from the 21 metric ton (46,000 pound) launcher could hit a populated area in an uncontrolled entry if it makes it to the ground before decaying.

It’s about the size of a 10-story building.

Apparently, there is no emergency need to call up Bruce Willis or Ben Affleck to save the world – or even to save part of a city, someone’s barn, a nursing home or maybe a COVID-19 vaccination site. 

I haven’t seen any reports on any plans from NASA to do anything about this. 

I guess, along with what’s happening at the border, this does not qualify as a “crisis” under the Biden Harris Obama administration.

But now you know what’s coming – so keep your eyes open for another possible China catastrophe headed our way.

And here’s the kicker. Guess who is tracking the debris? 

The U.S. Space Force! Yes, that would be Trump’s Space Force that the Democrats all made fun of.

So thanks to Trump for possibly saving humanity once again – or at least alerting us to get out of dodge if we need to.

The quick vaccines were a great accomplishment and now Trump is defending the whole planet from China for the second time in the past year. MAGA lives on.