Have you noticed that every official and semi-official voice sounds  like an overly earnest kindergarten teacher?

From on hold messages to transportation announcements to public service messages we’re told to be good tots and maybe we’ll get some applesauce for lunch. Nowhere is this scene more than in the Covid scam…I mean virus. Yes, of course, virus.

There is a certain barely contained rage of Nurse Ratched sense about the Covid edicts. From bureaucrats pleading for continued lockdowns so their power will not diminish to even Fauscist flip flopping on most matters every day, those who consider themselves our moral betters are earnestly warning us to the toe the line. Or else.

The cacophony is not limited to Covid. From the halls of Congress to media we are being scolded because we refuse to obey every syllable uttered by Big Sister. At least Orwell’s Big Brother was honestly brutal. You knew where you stood. Modern day Big Sis is just as brutal, but to salve her delicate sensibilities she has to pretend to herself and us she’s doing it for our own good.

The worst offenders? Well, definitely Pelosi and Hillary. Not Max Waters because she doesn’t pretend. She’s just out and out vicious. Same for the Squad. The entire cast of The View fits the bill, as their morning schlock routine bares its fangs when someone dares to challenge the Big Sis orthodoxy. Look at what happened to Sharon Osbourne. One line and she was purged, made an unperson, sent to the talk show gulags.

The gestation of this plague of earnestness was in the women’s liberation movement. With all the charm and grace of the late 19th/early 20th century Women’s Christian Temperance Union, 60s radical feminist types decided that, as women, they couldn’t be direct like mean old men. So they had to come up with an almost maternal rationale for their odd agitations. Thus they adopted the tone of the nagging nanny, the agony aunt, the hectoring harpy.

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They come young and old. Greta Thunberg to Pelosi, they scowl and berate, all in a sense of self righteous indignation at our nasty penchant to tell them to naff off.

How do sensible men and women handle them? We ignore them and make fun of them. Which drives them batty. However, they are so ubiquitous these days it’s hard to ignore them. Everywhere you go, from young relatives to older gorgons, there is that “I know what’s better for you than you do” timbre and manner. In this administration, the upper levels of the executive branch are infested with them. One of them is a fall down the steps of Air Force One incident away from the presidency. Randle McMurphy, call your office.