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The Government Will Steal More Than $500,000 Of Your Money Over a Lifetime in Taxes

The average American will pay $525,037 in taxes in their lifetime [1].

Let that sink in. 

That’s 34.4% of the money YOU earned. 

About 65% of those taxes are taxes on earnings. That’s YOUR time and sweat. The government did nothing to earn that money. Nor do they deserve it. 

Governmental theft of our lives happens every day. Our income is taxed, our investments are taxed, our cars are taxed, our death is taxed (soon enough), our groceries and everything we buy is taxed, our utilities are taxed, our businesses are taxed, our property is taxes, our gasoline is taxed… It never stops.

You can’t even get away from these tyrannical government robbers by staying home and watching Netflix because they’re also taxing your internet and cable.

The government – federal state and local – they have a nice racket going on. They can enrich themselves and gain power by being able to legally steal our money. They use that money to make deals with donors, get re-elected, hand out the bucks to their friends and family and gain even more power in the process while they fund their ideological insanity.

My own state, Michigan, is 20th on the list of tax oppressors, with about $558,015 of our lifetime money going to the governmental gestapo.

Obviously, the taxes that everyone pays is different based on what you make, where you live, and other factors. The best three states to live in are Alabama, Louisiana and West Virginia.

New Jersey looks to be the worse state to live in with a lifetime tax of $931,698. Rhode Island, New Hampshire, California and Massachusetts round out the top five worse tyrant states.

Gee… what do all of these states have in common? They’re liberal. They’re full of Democrats who are always looking to redistribute your money for their schemes.

And it order to rule over us like tyrants and control us, they have to steal our money with taxation.

The Democratic party, among other evil things, is based on a strategy of redistribution of wealth – but it has to be done in a way THEY want it to happen, of course.

So they take more and more of your tax money and reappropriate it to Democrat projects while your bank account gets smaller and smaller. But don’t worry, it’s for your own good. They’re taking care of everyone who needs to be taken care of.

And it’s only going to get worse under the Biden Harris administration as time goes by… Biden and his greedy Democrat friends have their sights on our money to pay for their Green New Deal, handouts to illegal aliens and other debauchery.

And forget about leaving any of your wealth to for your family when you die. Biden has his sights set on that money too. Even the NYT [2] admits that Biden is after your family home, farm and business with the estate tax.


What could YOU have done with that money? 

Invested in retirement? Retired early? Started a business? Started a cancer charity? Got a decent car? Went to college? Fixed your plumbing? 

Any number of things. It’s called freedom.