- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

The Democrats are Governing Against America’s Wishes

There’s a reason why the Democrats have to lie, cheat, use Executive Orders and ram things through the legislative process. There’s a reason they want to pack the court, add Washington DC as a state and are importing new voters at the border.

It’s because Americans don’t like what they are offering. And that includes Democrats too.

Americans don’t like what Biden is doing (or actually NOT doing) at the border. According to a Quinnipiac University national poll of adults released on April 15th, only 29% of American approve [1] of the situation at the border.

A more recent poll from the PEW Research Center [2] shows that 20% more people today (as compared to a year ago when Trump was President) think that illegal immigration is a “very big problem” under Biden’s direction. Even among just Democrats, that number shot up 14%. No one is happy about the current invasion into our country.

Americans don’t like what Biden is doing with gun policy either. The same poll showed only 39% of Americans approving with the President on his gun policy agenda and future plans against the 2nd Amendment.

Americans are also sick and tired of the leftists and the woke cancel culture that corporations are now involved in. We don’t want corporations giving their opinions, let alone trying to control our lives and the political landscape. We don’t need the MLB, Coca Cola and Ben & Jerry calling us racist and appointing themselves to be the campaign managers of the Democrat party.

A NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released April 15th showed that 58% oppose corporations using their power [3] to influence political, cultural or social change in the country and 56% oppose professional sports teams and organizations injecting themselves into these issues as well.

Americans also support the police. A USA TODAY/Ipsos poll in March shows that only 18% of Americans support the “defund the police” movement. Even among Democrats, only 34% support it and only 28% of black Americans support it. When asked if police should be abolished or eliminated, only of the people 33% supported that. 

The Democrats need to stop demonizing our police and going after the funding that our counties need to keep us safe.

Americans also overwhelming want voter ID. Democrats want to ram through HR1 to be in power forever by federalizing their voter fraud. One of the main things they want is absolutely no voter ID whatsoever. However, the Honest Elections Project says that only 28% of Americans support HR1 and that 77% of us want voter ID [4].

What about the new plan hatched by the Democrats to pack the Supreme Court in order to get all of their unconstitutional legislation cemented into our lives forever?

Turns out that Americans don’t like that either. A New York Times-Siena College [5] poll in October of last year showed that 58% of Americans don’t want the Democrats to increase the size of the Supreme Court with only 31% in favor.

The thing is that Democrats really don’t care about any of this. They could care less about what Americans want, even their own voters.

They figure they can change public opinion. 

Or if not, too bad. They’ll do what they want to do. 

Power forever is their goal and no one is going to get in their way.

Certainly not Americans.