The Republican-led Michigan House of Representatives want to get in on playing Santa Claus like the Democrats have been doing and hand out some “free” cash.

They’ve come up with a ridiculous bill to hand money out to unemployed people in Michigan so they’ll go back to work in a “return to work” grant. 

The unemployed who find a job would get $1000. The legislation came out of the House Appropriations Committee (also Republican-led) included in supplemental budget bills.

This ridiculousness was brought to my attention during a local radio station’s news report and let’s just say that it didn’t go over well where I work, either with my co-worker (who has been working through the pandemic) or the customers in the lobby.

The people not working are VOLUNTARILY not working whether it’s because they’re scared of getting the virus or enjoy their time off and extra money. There are “now hiring” signs EVERYWHERE. They have no excuse not to work. 

There are jobs EVERYWHERE. 

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The Burger King where I live is paying $15/hr!

Businesses are begging for workers. Gas stations and stores are closing early and closing on weekends because there are no workers. Restaurant workers are over-stressed because there’s not enough staff to help them out. There’s a gas shortage predicted because there aren’t enough truck drivers to deliver it.

There are jobs EVERYWHERE.

And now, we have the Michigan House Republicans who want to bribe people into working. 

What a great idea. I’m sure they won’t take the money and run. These are people who know how to play the system and get the maximum reward for the minimum effort.

How about a grant for those of us who have been working through the entire pandemic. Where’s my $1000?

Paying people who don’t want to work will not make them work. And it definitely won’t make them good workers either.

Although their goals might be pure of heart, to help staff Michigan businesses, these Republicans think that they can solve the labor crisis through bribery just like the Democrats always do.

They’re going about things the WRONG way as usual.

Let’s quit doling out unlimited unemployment money. Let’s quit paying people $662 a week for doing nothing. Let’s make them pay their rent and their college tuition. Let’s quit giving them stimulus checks.

Do you know why people on ‘Little House on the Prairie’ had to work? Because otherwise they would starve or freeze to death.

Or how about actually enforcing the laws already on the books? If your Michigan employer offers your job back, you HAVE to legally go back to work. You can’t stay at home because you’re getting paid more to sit on your couch. Business owners need to start going after these employees.

And what about the rule that used to be in place where you actually had to SHOW YOU WERE LOOKING FOR A JOB to be able to get unemployment money? 

Apparently that hasn’t been a “thing” lately because the rule was waived during the pandemic but the requirement is going back into effect in May, thank goodness.