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Joe Biden Gives Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer a D+ on Fixing the Damn Roads

What was Gretchen Whitmer’s big campaign promise when she ran for Governor? It was to “fix the damn roads [1].” 

What has she done about it?

Not much.

For Biden’s InFRAUDstructure push, the Biden Harris Obama administration came out with a list of the infrastructure problems in all fifty states and gave the states grades [2]. 

This list was made to give the media talking points so they could distract everyone from the fact that the Democrats are only going to spend about 7% of the money on actual infrastructure in their InFRAUDstructure bill. 

Once again, they are all marketing and no substance.

Poor Gretchen got a D+ from her buddy Biden.

Guess she’s going to have to stay after school and do some virtual extra credit.

It’s hard to believe that Whitmer hasn’t taken care of the roads like she promised to do in order to win her election (insert sarcasm here). 

Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” says that there’s a need for action in Michigan and that “for decades, infrastructure in Michigan has suffered from a systemic lack of investment.”

According to InFRAUDstructure Biden, Michigan has 1219 bridges and over 7300 miles of highway in poor condition.

What’s up with that, Whitmer? 

Why aren’t you fixing the damn roads? Why haven’t you declared a road and bridge emergency?

The rest of the Michigan fact sheet discusses InFRAUDstructure money being sent to non-infrastructure items such as housing, caregiving, childcare, clean energy jobs and other non-infrastructure leftist hogwash.

Biden’s fact sheet says that we pay $644 a year in costs due to driving on bad roads so where is my money, Governor? I want safe driving conditions or I want to be reimbursed. 

I want my $644 check. 

I’m sure it’s “in the mail” like the $1400 check I still haven’t received from Gretchen’s friend Joe. It’s in a Trump supporter lock box and will be released on the last day that the Biden mob has to send it out – December 31st [3]. 

Too bad for me. The potholes keep getting bigger and bigger. I could use some new tires.