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Go Fund Me Shuts Down Fundraiser for Parents Who are Fighting the Indoctrination of Racism in Their Schools

The indoctrination of racism in the American school systems is on a fast track with the Democrats controlling our Federal Government and the leftists calling everyone who doesn’t agree with their radical ideas and policies racist.

Critical race theory is a leftist philosophy that says that all whites are racist either consciously or unconsciously, that the country is racist and so is everything in it including our laws and institutions. 

People aren’t treated as individuals nor are they responsible for their own behaviors according the racist leftists pushing these theories.

Because all whites are racist, they must have their minds set right.

If you fight against this theory – which is actual racism – YOU are the one who is called a racist. 

You are harassed, doxed, ridiculed and canceled. Your Facebook groups are shut down. You are banned on Twitter.

And apparently, you aren’t able to have a fundraiser either because your ideas are not approved by the leftist social media giants.

The “woke” Go Fund Me fundraising platform removed a fundraiser that was set up by parents in Loudoun County Virginia in order to fight the racist teachings in their county school system. 

Scott Mineo started the fundraising page [1] after a progressive group started going after parents who were against critical race theory.

The Facebook Group “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudon County” an actual racist Facebook group that used their page to intimidate people in their quest for critical racist theory indoctrination is a perfectly acceptable group to the social media giants even though they exist to target people. 

They put together a list of parents and even identified spouses and employers, basically declaring war on them. 

This targeting group [2] even includes school staff and elected officials, one of which is reported to be the county prosecutor, who was elected with George Soros money.

Mineo’s fundraising page to push against critical race theory teaching had raised about $4K before it was taken down for “prohibited content.”

So apparently in today’s day and age, being against racism is prohibited content. 

But only for certain kinds of racism.