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George W. Bush Is A Democrat

On Tuesday former GOP President George W. Bush virtually came out as a Democrat. Not surprising, given his well known distaste for Donald Trump after Trump beat the political stuffing out of his brother Jeb. Bush may not be a registered Democrat, but he is one in everything but name.

But it’s more than that. His lack of competence in office also estranged him from the Republican Party. He went about Afghanistan the wrong way, he wasted political capital, he idiotically invaded Iraq, he played kissy face with Democrats in Texas and DC, and he ushered in an economic meltdown.

To attempt to distract people from that dismal record he now sides with Democrats, hoping they and their lapdog press cut him a break. It’s disgusting, but it’s par for the course for Dubya. Here is CNN gloating about his conversion.

CNN: “Former President George W. Bush on Tuesday described the Republican Party as ‘isolationist, protectionist and, to a certain extent, nativist,’ his strongest and most direct criticism yet against his own party since leaving office in 2009. Bush’s comments are notable not only because he’s a former Republican president, but he has largely kept quiet on politics since he left Washington. He has recently written about the need for a gentler approach to immigration in contrast to much of the hardline rhetoric that dominates the current GOP in the post-Trump era, but he has typically avoided directly criticizing the party.”

Isolationist? Because we don’t want to get the military into quagmires? Because we put American interests first? Protectionist? Okay, a bit true. Nativist? That’s Bush saying the GOP is racist, a page right out of Democrat talking points.

On the chances of a squish in 2024: “I think it depends upon the emphasis. I think if the emphasis is integrity and decency and trying to work to get problems solved I think the person has a shot, yeah.” He’s high again. His era is gone and rightfully so. These days, Republicans fight back.

On border security: “I think pro-immigration isn’t the right way to put it. I think border enforcement with a compassionate touch. That’s how I would put it. That’s what immigration basically means, let’s open up the borders.” Read that again. Isn’t that exactly the Democrat approach to immigration? Completely open borders without border security? He says he wants “border enforcement.” How do you do that if you have no borders?

A lot of this is a personal vendetta against Trump. Not only did Trump soundly beat Jeb, but he changed the GOP into a tougher organization. This scuttled the Bush political legacy of going along to get along. Trump criticized the Iraq invasion and that further enraged Bush. His “aw shucks ma’am” phony humility aside, Bush is now a vicious Democrat partisan. Be warned.